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9" x 17" W.F. Wells #W-9-1, vari-hydraulic, 70-380 SFPM, horizontal bandsaw, 3 HP, Coolant, New

Manufacturer W.F. Wells
Model W-9-1
High 9.00"
Wide 17.00"
Stock # SMW91
Price $15,225

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Capacity9" x 17"
Operation TypeSemi-Automatic
45 Degrees
45 Degree Round8"
45 Degree Rectangle8" x 9"
90 Degrees
90 Degree Round9"
90 Degree Rectangle9" x 17"
Weight Capacity2000 lbs
Blade Speed70 - 380 SFPM
45 Degree TILT Round Solid2"
Sawing FeedVariable, Hydraulic
Blade GuideCarbide with Roller Backup
Blade TensionManual
Bandwheel Size14-1/2"
Blade Drive3 H.P. (3ph), 1-1/2 H.P. (1ph)
Sawing Force30 - 120 lbs
Coolant Capacity10 Gallons
Hydraulic Drive1/3 H.P. Motor
Work Height26"
ElectricsWired to NFPA 79 Machine Tool Standards
WarrantyOne Year Labor, 90 Day Parts
Horsepower3 H.P.
Voltage230V - 1 Phase, 208/230/460/575V - 3 Phase
Dimensions (L x W x H)81" x 43" x 63"
Weight990 lbs

1" Bi-Metal Blade
Semi-Automatic Operation

Additional information:

 Twin Post vs Hinge Type 

All manufacturers of large, heavy-duty bandsaw machines now use the twin-column design pioneered by W.F. Wells, Inc. And there is a reason: the improved performance easily justifies the additional cost. 

The illustrations below represent a twin column machine and a hinge type machine cutting work pieces of identical size. Note that the columns of the twin post machine are spread 30 inches to straddle the work piece. The pivot bearings of the hinge type machine are placed far outside the working area of the blade, and are spaced approximately 14 to 16 inches apart, thus allowing considerable free movement at the upper end of the frame. 

When cutting, the blade guides of the twin column machine are set at 9 . inches apart. The hinge type machine requires the blade guides be spaced at 11 . inches to swing across the work area and clear the vise jaws. 

Clearly, the closer spacing of the blade guides reduces blade deflection to provide greater accuracy and performance. 

The deflection of the band blade can be evaluated by using the engineering formula for a simple beam with concentrated load at mid point. The maximum deflection equals: 

force x length. 


48 x E x I 

All other factors being equal, the deflection will vary the same as the relationship of the span between the guides, cubed. 9 . inches cubed equals 857 while 11 inches cubed equals 1,331. Dividing 1,331 by 857 shows there will be 1.55 times greater blade deflection with the hinge type bandsaw. 

Also, on the hinge type machine, if the frame pivot point is below the blade line the cutting action of the blade will tend to draw the frame into the work. This applies uncontrolled cutting force, and the result is a very unstable machine. 

These comparative facts, plus the versatility of the twin column design, should be considered in the selection of a bandsaw machine.

Warranty Information:
All machines manufactured by W.F. Wells are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions of operation and maintenance for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase. Final determination as to whether a product is actually defective rests with W.F. Wells. Liability will be limited to the repair or replacement, at its option, of machinery or parts which prove defective within the above guarantee period and at our discretion, must be returned for proper evaluation and determination of credit/replacement. Labor and freight is not included in warranty, but may be provided at the discretion of W.F. Wells.

W.F. Wells expressly excludes from this warranty any liability whatsoever for loss of use, or any indirect or consequential damages.

 W.F. Wells Advantage 

All American made with over 50 years of experience producing bandsaws. We have developed leading edge technology using new high-tech designs. 

W .F. Wells, Inc is the only manufacturer with our unique cutting force system. It is superior to others because the force is taken from the blade, not the cutting head. Accurate cutting force is a necessity in bandsawing to assure straight cuts. 

W.F. Wells, Inc has a complete bandsaw line. We also build custom machines for special applications. 75% of special machines cut exotic materials other than metal. We are a progressive company with the ability to solve customer issues and insure our standard product line has the latest available technology due to daily engineering efforts. If there is a need for a special option, we can quote, design and build it. Some special application areas include; plastics, graphite, crystal, quartz, silicon, ceramics, wood products and military ballistics to name a few. 

Components on the machines are the best available, including Vickers hydraulics and Square-D electrics. All components are UL, CSA approved and qualify for use in automotive applications. Most of these components are found in any major U.S. city resulting in local support and reduced down time. 

Our CNC bandsaw technology is engineered to give customers years of trouble free, accurate sawing. The sensor used on our saws is also approved by major CNC mill and lathe manufacturers, again showing our commitment to quality. 

We have a pricing advantage over the general market. We are more competitive in price than all European and Japanese products due to cost of manufacturing in those countries. Since 2003 the Taiwan products have been rising heavily in price closing the gap with the American product. There is little interference with selling our product against the competition and we are happy to say we continually win bids against every bandsaw manufacturer. 

W.F. Wells, Inc bandsaws hold their value. There have been many instances where owners have sold their used machine for more than they originally paid for it. Used machinery dealers favor our products due to our name recognition, readily available parts and the overall durability of our product. Also, customers buying our product typically have no problems obtaining a lease due to our reliable product name. 

Our bandsaw line has a proven track record. You can find our products in small and large companies alike. Our saws are being utilized for/by; maintenance shops, research departments, schools, military bases, naval ships and shipyards, high volume production cutting, steel service centers, fabrication shops and numerous specialty applications. 

To better serve our customers, we have made a commitment to stock our standard machines as well as parts for all models dating as far back as the 1940's. If you need a saw now, we have it in stock. 

All outside sales personnel and end users are welcome to call the factory or our manufactures representative direct. We will be there for all parties interested in our products .

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