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KILNS (Also See Chemical & Processing Equipment, Dryers Including Kilns)

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Update: Mon, May 21, 2018 16:02:46
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8.5" W x 8.75" H x 9" D up to 24" W x 22.5" H x 18" D, .4 cu.ft. to 5.5 cu.ft., many to choose from, even custom sizes  Camera icon Video icon Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  RFQ
LR Environmental Equip Co, Los Angeles, CA 800-574-2748 (Email: Gary Fleck
10" W x 10" H x 16" D Kieth, 2750°F, Globar autoform, L & N on-off control.480/3/15KW  RFQ
Quintronix, Hayward, CA 800-448-2123 (Email: Dale Quinn
30" W x 12' H Vertical Kiln / Furnace, 1MM BTU/hr, 900 lb/hr, Natural Gas  Camera icon Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  RFQ
Machinery & Equipment Co, San Francisco, CA 415-467-3400 (Email: Dominic Piazza
36" W x 42" H x 72" L Eisenmann Car, gas, 3100°F  Camera icon RFQ
W H Kay Co, The, Cleveland, OH 440-519-3800 (Email: Mike Kay
64" W x 68" H x 180" L Swindell Dressler, gas, 2350°F  Camera icon RFQ
W H Kay Co, The, Cleveland, OH 440-519-3800 (Email: Mike Kay
Inductotherm, used induction furnace, 150 KW  Camera icon Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  RFQ
Alan Ross Machinery Corp, Northbrook, IL 847-480-8900 (Email: Rustin Ross

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