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ARCA, Asset Recovery Company Of America
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Gold Level Dealer Since 2018
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The Asset Recovery Company of America specializes in recovering and repurposing fully depreciated assets once companies are through with them. Most companies are rightfully focused on their businesses, execution, and maintaining profitability. Due to this, large and small companies do not have a focus on assets that are near end of life or leftover from a project. Therefore turning these assets back into cash or properly recycling them so they don't end up in a landfill, is a much-needed service that we provide better than anyone else. Our model allows us to acquire and then offer recovered items at a fraction of their retail prices. We also utilize a sophisticated supply chain to keep a constant stock of in-demand items. This allows your company to meet its demands before the deadline, in the most cost-effective manner possible. Whether you're sourcing for a new project or selling extra assets from completed projects, find out how ARCA will improve your year-end numbers.

Products & Services
Blue Ball Appraisers, Machinery & Equipment
Blue Ball Appraisers, Electrical & Power Equipment
Blue Ball Bus Duct/Plugs
Blue Ball Circuit Breakers
  Blue Ball Motor Controls, Starters & MCC's
Blue Ball Power Supplies
Blue Ball Recycling/Scrap/Waste Equipment
Blue Ball Switches

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