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Instrom Wilson Wolpert #TUKON-2100B, Microindentation Vickers Knoop, 2009

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Instrom Wilson
Model: TUKON-2100B
Year: 2009
Stock #: 2698
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Dealer Information

Fram Fram LLC
9151 International Pkwy Ste 5
New Hope, MN 55428

Contact: Russ Hilk
Tel: 612-940-8945
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Detailed Product Description

INV 2698

This is fresh from a closed division of a wealthy High Tech company. They had a lot of really expensive stuff. At the time of this listing I do not have the HASP or a computer. The computer is easily replaced and I have the software. I am checking to see if it can be replaced from Instrom. If you are reading this the HASP is not included. I will leave the computer up to you. This unit was in use prior to the division closure. It is currently calibrated until 12/20. We will take the time to safely package this for safe shipping.

Year: 2009
Make: Instrom Wilson Wolpert
Model: Tukon 2100B
Type: Microindentation Vickers Knoop Hardness Tester
Force Range: 10gf - 50Kgf
Version 5.17 U17,
Wilson JS-2000 Joystick Control,
Motorized Work Table
Software & Manual
System ID: T2100BQ1480
Approx. 13"x23"x41" and 150 lbs.

¢ ¢ Steels, non-ferrous metals, IC wafer
¢ ¢ Thin plastics, metallic foils, platings, coatings, surface layers, laminated metals
¢ ¢ Effect of heat treatment
¢ ¢ Hardness depths of carburized layer
¢ ¢ Cemented carbide, ceramics, steels, non-ferrous metals
¢ ¢ Thin plates, metallic foils, plating, miniature objects
¢ ¢ Hardness resulting from welding or deposition

Factory specs (please verify with this machine)
Scales HV, HK
Test Load 10 gf - 50 kgf
Test Load Accuracy:  /- 1.5< 200g  /- 1%> 200g
Force Application: Load Cell
Load Cell Dwell Time .1 - 999 seconds
Standard Compliance ASTM E384 & E92, and ISO 6507, 9385, 4546
Turret Manual or motorized with five positions
Z-Axis Travel Motorized, 500 mm per minute
Eyepiece 10x magnification with dual filar lines
Measuring Objectives 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x, 100x
Total Magnification 40x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 500x, 1000x
Optical Path Two-way changeable for eyepiece and optional camera
Optical Functions Field aperture, numerical aperture
Light Source 12V 30W Halogen Light Filter Green, Blue and Polarized
Data Output RS-232, I/O Port TTL
Statistics Minimum, Maximum, Standard Deviation, Average, Cp, Cpk
Memory 999 test results
Operating Temperature 10 - 38 ° C (50 - 100 ° F)
Humidity 10% - 90% non-condensing
Power Requirements 100VAC, 120VAC single phase
Power 370W
Dimensions 952 x 330 x 597 mm
Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)

Designed to perform both micro and macro load range hardness testing, the Tukon 2100B can test a broad range of specimens. With test forces as low as 10gf and as high as 50Kgf, the system is able to perform tests for a variety of micro and macro Knoop and Vickers applications. The state of the art optical system on the 2100B provides image quality unmatched in the industry.

Wilson's Tukon is designed with closed-loop control for easier operation and more accurate hardness readings and testing results. Wilson replaces conventional dead weights with its unique closed-loop control system, making the Series 2100B the most stable and repeatable microindentation/Knoop/Vickers tester on the market. This system places a load cell between the indenter and the drive mechanism to form an error-free, precision test axis that eliminates test result errors caused by test force inaccuracy. The use of load cells versus dead weights ensures against force errors that can result over time from friction and wear. Resistance sensing circuitry eliminates accidental load cell and indenter damage.