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600 Ton, Niagara #SE2-600-108-60, 10" str,44.5" SH,16" adj,108" x 60" bed, A/C & brake, '77

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General Specifications

Ton: 600
Manufacturer: Niagara
Model: SE2-600-108-60
Stroke: 10.0"
Shut Height: 44.5"
Air Clutch: Yes
Year: 1977
Stock #: 710-02194
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Dealer Information

Rygate, LLC
6676 College Park
Clarkston, MI 48346-1065

Contact: Brian Bridgeman
Tel: 248-709-6723
Fax: 248-241-6298
Cell: 248-709-6723
In the Surplus Record since 2005

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Detailed Product Description

  • Slide Area: 108″ x 60″
  • Bed Area: 108″ x 60″
  • Stroke Length: 10″
    Shut Height: 44.5″ over bed
    Adjustment: 16″
    Windows: 30″ wide
    SPM: 30-60
    Location: Livonia, MI
    Machine Stock Number: 710-02194

Additional Specs:
-Air Clutch and Brake
-Air Counterbalances
-Hydraulic Overloads
-Floor Standing Design
-8 Point Gibbing
-125 HP Main Motor
-T-Slotted Ram
-Includes full Mechanical Rebuild
-New Electrical Controls
-New Trabon Lubrication System and Air System

Rebuild work to be performed;

  • Rebuilt counterbalances, with all new seals and packings.  Cylinders polished and pistons and rods cleaned up and reassembled and installed on press.
  • (4) Gibbs machined to clean up and parallel.
  • Rebuild (4) Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts with all new seals, packings.  Chase threads of tie rods to make deburr and make sure that nuts will easily thread onto rods.
  • Check entire slide assembly to make sure everything is in proper working order.  Replace any questionable bushings if found to have excess wear.
    • Check slide adjustment components and make sure everything is in proper working order.  Replace any components that may require replacement
    • Reassemble and check to make sure everything is running properly.
    • Replace all wear strips on slide assembly.
  • Crown Assembly; Go through entire crown check out;
    • All intermediate and main drive shafts and advise. Polish and clean up.
    • Replace any bushings found to be in questionable condition. Note: If one connection arm bushings is worn excessively, will replace all connection arm bushings
    • Clean and deburr gear teeth.  Already have been inspected and are in very good condition.  
    • Check dimensional integrity of crown assembly
    • Refit components back into crown and check timing of gears to make sure reassembled properly.
  • Rebuild clutch/brake assembly with all new seals, packings and springs.  Check condition of clutch and brake plates and advise. Reassemble clutch brake assembly and test run to make sure in proper working order.


Installation of New Air System/Lube System and Electrical Control


  • Install a new Air System
    • Includes all new filters, regulators, solenoid valves, dual ross air valve, pressure switches, etc…
    • Will be installed with new piping where required.
    • Test entire system for air leaks and make sure it is in proper working order.
  • Install a new Trabon Recirculating Lubrication System
    • Includes all new motor, pump, filters, regulators, metering, blocks, etc…
    • Remove existing system and replace all lube lines with new lines.
    • Clean out reservoir and make sure site gage is in proper working order.
    • Install a lube monitor and integrate with electrical control.
    • Test system and make sure lube is properly reaching all locations.
  • Remove Existing electrical control and install a new Wintriss WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control.  Integrate with existing motor starters and wire to the press. (Or something of comparable value that the customer requests.)
    • Wintriss WPC 2000 is a clutch/brake control that meets current OSHA requirements.
    • Includes; a palm button stand, cabinet mounted on the press, with a AC variable speed drive and motor to run the press at 20-60 strokes per minute.
    • Includes all motor starters for lube, slide adjust. And main motor.


Note: Includes 6 month warranty on all work performed.  Mechanical work will be specified, in more detail, prior to completion of an order.