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16" x 25" Hyd-Mech #M-16A, fully automatic mitering bandsaw, 50-350 FPM, 2011, #10797

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General Specifications

High: 16.00"
Wide: 25.00"
Manufacturer: Hyd-mech
Model: M-16A
Year: 2011
Stock #: 10797
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Dealer Information

Westbrook Engineering Co
23501 Mound Rd
Warren, MI 48091-2048
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Contact: Sales Dept.
Tel: 866-367-7297
Fax: 586-759-3106

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Detailed Product Description

Brand: Hyd-Mech
Model: M-16A
@90 degrees: 16" x 25"
@45 degrees: 16" x 15"
@60 degrees: 16" x 9"
Mitering capability: 90 - 30 degrees 
Blade dimensions: 1-1/4" x 18'6" x .042"
Blade guides: Carbide
Coolant type: Flood
Blade drive: 7.5 H.P.
Blade speeds: 50 - 350 FPM
Blade wheel diameter: 19"
Hydraulic drive: 3 H.P.
Hydraulic tank capacity: 11 gallons
Coolant tank capacity: 9 gallons
Shuttle stroke: 0-33" (will multi stroke)
Vise control: Hydraulic
Table height: 32"
Machine workload: 8,000 Lbs.
Dimensions: 132" x 90" x 66"
Weight: 7,400 Lbs.
Equipped with:
PLC 500 - fully programmable controller that allows for automatic production of jobs consisting of double angle parts. Machine can automatically swing the head, alternating between two different programmed angles, producing parts with a different angle on each end.
Full Capacity Overhead Bundling - hydraulically powered overhead clamp that moves down on the material from above.  Its downward (clamping) and upward (unclamping) movement are controlled and timed with the opening and closing of the moveable vise.  Very effective and necessary for bundle cutting various material shapes, widths & sizes. Can also be effective in dampening of cutting vibration.
Variable Vise Pressure - allows for adjustment of the clamping pressure of both vises.  Recommended for thin wall tubing and other light material applications where standard vise pressure may deform the material.
Heavy duty full stroke vises
Cast iron guide arms and wheels with a rigid pivot point
Powered blade chip brush
Chip auger
heavy duty motor and gear box with variable frequency drive system
We put our Bandsaws through a 20 Point Inspection and Repair Process assuring immediate performance when they hit your floor.