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12000 lb. Braner banding line, 80", unloading/delivering car, turnstile, downlayer, 1997

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General Specifications

CapacityLbs.: 12000Lbs.
Manufacturer: Braner
Year: 1997
Stock #: 10851-HK
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Dealer Information

D & H Machinery Inc
723 Phillips Ave. Bldg D2
Toledo, OH 43612
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Contact: Sales
Tel: 419-841-3586
Fax: 419-841-2986
Cell: 419-215-3387
Gold Level Dealer Since 1963

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Detailed Product Description

12,000# x 80" Braner Banding Line
Ref # 10851-HK
YEAR: 1997

Consisting of the following:

-Coil unloading/delivering car
40,000lb x 66" wide
scisor lift design
coil support arms for narrow mults

-3 Arm Entry Turnstile:
40,000 lb. Per Arm
16" Min. Coil I.D.
80" Max. Coil O.D.
Power Rotation and Locking Pin

-Pick and Place Downlayer:
80" Coil O.D. Max.
12,000 lb. Max. Mult Weight
0.500" to 24" Coil Mult Width
16" Min. Coil I.D.
70" Top of the horn to the floor
90" Max. Travel on Downlayer Travel Cylinder
36" Conveyor Deck Top to the floor in down position.

-Storage Conveyor:
2 Sections of Hydraulic Motorized Conveyor
80" OD x 12,000 lb. Capacity

-Banding Head and Table:
3 Conical Roll Lift and Rotate
Signode M20-SV Banding Head
80" Max. Coil OD
Powered Conveyor Top

-Entry Side Hydraulic Unit

-Storage Conveyor:
1 Section Hydraulic Motorized Conveyor
80" Max. Coil OD

-Coil Stacker Crane:
12,000 lb. Max. Mult Weight
0.500" to 24" Wide Mult
ID range 16/20" and 24"
80" Max. OD
Stacker Conveyor has a slot for one ID and OD Grabs
Powered Conveyor Top with Photo Eyes for Coil Placement

-Stacked Coil Storage Conveyor:
2 Positions, In Line
Max. Coil Stack Height 54"
Max. Coil OD 80"
Max. Stack Weight 24,000 lbs.

-Stacker Hydraulic Unit: