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APV Anhydro spray dryer with GEA Wiegand whey evaporator

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Apv
Stock #: 11896
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Dealer Information

Phoenix Equipment Corp
333 Broad St.
Red Bank, NJ 07701-2178

Contact: Jesse Spector
Tel: 732-217-7314
Fax: 732-442-0036
Cell: 908-902-8854
Gold Level Dealer Since 2004

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Detailed Product Description

Used (1) APV Anhydro 304 stainless dryer chamber, 27’-0" dia x 20’-6" straight side and 24’-0" High cone section. Outlet is 36" diameter. Includes a straight wall hinged access door. (2) 104" dia x 13’-0" straight side primary cyclones with vortex breakers and eductor venturi air locks. (2) 304 stainless scrubber separators with access door and interconnecting ductwork. 304 stainless gas burner housing with NP-1 Maxon gas burner and complete gas train valve system. Twin City mild steel inlet air fan with 60 H.P. motor. Twin City mild steel exhaust air fan with 150 H.P. motor. 304 stainless vibrating fluid bed: screen is 39" wide x 26’ long (84 sq ft). Unit has CIP fittings and CIP return pump (15H.P.). One APV atomizing wheel with 75H.P. motor. (2) stainless air handler systems to supply hot air and cool air to the fluid bed. Includes two mild Steel New York Blower fans with stainless inlet air filters (2) 2000 gallon (2) 200 gallon CIP tanks with 30 H.P. centrifugal supply pump. Drawings included. Product feed 8730 PPH @ 55% solids Water Evaporation 3754 PPH Powder 4976 PPH @ 4% moisture Inlet temp 375F Exhaust temp 176F Fluid bed reheat temp 155F-160F Weigand TVR 80,000 PPH Evaporator. Includes (17) Seventeen centrifugal process pumps with water seals. (4) Four CIP centrifugal CIP supply and return pumps. (3) Three 20H.P. Siemans vacuum pumps. HTST tubular system with holding tube, steam tubular heater and Flow diversion valve assembly.(2) tubular 304 stainless vapor condensers. 304 stainless falling film finisher system. Includes all centrifugal pumps, piping and condenser. (1) Delaval 304 stainless product side Plate Cooler, Model PI-RO.