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Omax #80160, 80" x 160", 40 HP 4055V direct drive pump, water level control, PC base control, '04

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Omax
Model: 80160
Intensifier HP: 40
Year: 2004
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Dealer Information

Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery Inc
2272 Weldon Pkwy
Saint Louis, MO 63146-3206

Contact: Brad Zimmerman
Tel: 314-291-9360
Fax: 314-291-2981
Gold Level Dealer Since 1982

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Detailed Product Description

OMAX 80160 Precision Abrasive Waterjet
Manufactured – 2004

ï §      X-Y table with motorized Z-Axis
ï §      MAXJET® nozzle including all necessary high-pressure plumbing
ï §      OMAX patented motion control software incorporating Windows® software

            OMAX P4050V Direct Drive Pump
ï §      Variable speed 40 hp pump for variable output pressure
ï §      Pressure safety blow down valve
ï §      Charge pump included
ï §      No in-rush current upon starting
ï §      Pump seals cooling water is recycled
ï §      Remote or local control
ï §      Very easy access to all components for repair and maintenance

            Equipped With:
600 Lbs Abrasive Hopper
Water Level Control
PC Based Computer with Windows 10

Location: St. Louis MO Area

      Standard Components
The OMAX® Model 80160 Precision Abrasive Waterjet - 40HP Variable Frequency Drive Pump consists of the following:
•      X-Y table with motorized Z-Axis
•      MAXJET nozzle including all necessary high-pressure plumbing
•      OMAX patented motion control software incorporating Windows software
•      600 lb. Abrasive Delivery System
•      40 horsepower variable speed direct drive pump with dual on/off valve
•      Rigid gantry design utilizing 3-point alignment for ultimate alignment accuracy
•      Z-Axis carriage designed to provide high accuracy parts and repeatability

Computer Control System
      Hardware      Personal computer
      Control Software      Integrated CAD/CAM system with Intelli-MAX Cutting Enhancements developed by OMAX. Windows based patented controller.
Machine Dimensions
Footprint      243" x 134"       
Weight (tank empty)      10,000 lbs.      
Height      144"      
Operating Weight      35,000 lbs.      

Work Envelope/Cutting Table

X-Axis Travel 168"      
Y-Axis Travel 80"      
X-Axis Table Size 174"      
Y-Axis Table Size 91"      

Material Support Slats      4" x 1/8" Galvanized Steel       
Maximum supported material load      250 lbs./ Square Foot       
Drive Description
•      Closed loop, digital drives
•      Brushless servo motors
•      Pre-loaded ballscrews with recirculating ball bearings and hardened precision ground ways
•      Bridge style Y-Axis
•      Single cutting head
•      Motorized precision Z-Axis, controlled from software. Provides automatic stand-off and “heads-up" traversing

180 inches per minute standard (higher speeds obtainable)

High Pressure Pump With Variable Drive
40 horsepower pump with variable drive, operates at a pressure of 0 to 50,000 psi
Features and benefits when compared to intensifier pumps:
•      Less power consumed
•      Lower operating costs
•      Compact and quiet
•      Less water used
•      Easy to maintain
•      Can cut as fast as 50 HP intensifier pump

      Controller Specifications
The OMAX controller is a standard PC with modifications to allow it to safely control the OMAX.
•      Windows based computer, with current Intel processor
•      Designed by OMAX specifically for abrasivejet and waterjet machining
•      Virtually unlimited programming capacity for long tool paths and complex shapes
•      Intelli-MAX cutting model provides the fastest, most accurate tool paths for abrasive waterjet
•      Built-in array nesting routines that optimize part placement for optimum material use
•      Optimal stack height calculator lets you maximize your machine time by stacking materials
•      High/low pressure piercing for machining tough/fragile materials
•      Automatically gathers machine and part history and statistics, which can be viewed and printed
•      Drawing program (Layout) includes abrasivejet and waterjet specific tools
•      Tool path fonts are available for lettering and etching part numbers
•      Automatic tool path generation, including lead-ins and lead-outs
•      Precision time estimation for accurate job costing and reporting
•      Online documentation via extensive help screens, built-in video and technical documents
•      INTELLI-TRACE„¢ feature that automatically traces a photograph or bitmapped image and converts it to a Layout drawing.

Abrasivejet Specifications
Orifice      0.014"
Mixing Tube 0.030" ceramic matrix tungsten carbide

                  Options Available At Additional Charge
•      Setup & Training*
•      Preventative Maintenance*
•      ALL current Omax accessories are available for this machine. Let us customize the machine to match YOUR specific needs.
•      (1) Month of free phone support*
•      Parts in stock St. Louis, MO

*Available by Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery Omax factory trained technican. We have over 21 years of Omax waterjet experience.

                  Available Around mid to late September 2019