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13" x 18" Hyd-Mech #S20A, auto, 1" blade, 3 HP, out of stock switch, 1994

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General Specifications

High: 13.00"
Wide: 18.00"
Manufacturer: Hyd-mech
Model: S20A
Stock #: 8658
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Dealer Information
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Westbrook Engineering Co
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Detailed Product Description

MODEL S-20A ♦ YEAR: 1994
Stock No. 8658
      @90:      13” high x 18” wide
      @90:      13” round
      @45:      12” round
Blade:      13’6”L x 1”W x .032”Thickness
Blade speed:      75 – 400 SFM (infinitely variable)
Blade wheel diameter:      16”
Blade drive:      3 HP
Hydraulic drive:      2 HP
Coolant:      150 watts
Hydraulic tank capacity:      10 gallons
Coolant reservior:      6 gallons
Shuttle stroke:      0 – 16” multi-index up to 99 times standard
Table height:      30”
Maximum work load:      4,000 lbs.
Machine weight:      2,480 lbs.
Machine dimensions:      78”W x 102”L x 55”H

Standard Features
•Make angle cuts without cumbersome vise resetting and without swinging long stock across production area
•28" infeed conveyor standard
•Hydraulic positive downfeed with independent control of feed force and feed rate, complete with a fast approach
•Coolant washdown hose - standard
•Run-out table with scale and length stop
•Cutting angle is accurately set by large scale and pointer, and easily locked in place by depressing cam-lock brake
•Blade tension indicator ensures correct blade tension, thereby improving blade life and cutting performance
•Powered blade brush cleans blade gullets to ensure proper blade utilization
•The "All Function" control console is mounted on top of the head frame for easy operator accessibility. It is cleanly and simply layed out using bold labels for easy function selection
•Blade speed is infinitely variable
•Carbide blade guides provide long life, consistent accuracy and reduced vibration. Vises are easily adjusted to accommodate stock size by sliding the open vise up against the stock and then pulling it back until the pin falls into the first hole. This design results in quick positive and trouble-free vising system.
•Shuttle stroke is set by an adjustable stop. A micrometer head is used for fine adjustment

Equipped with:
•Overhead bundling
•Out of Stock Switch