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AAF Rotoclone #8 arrangement D, wet type dust collector, 11 gpm, continuous or intermittent, 2016

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Aaf
Model: 8
Stock #: 12478
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Dealer Information

CNC Exchange div. Gray Machinery Co.
77 E Palatine Rd
Prospect Heights, IL 60070-1811

Contact: Glenn Gray
Tel: 847-537-7700
Fax: 847-537-9307
Cell: 847-951-7701
Gold Level Dealer Since 1966

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Detailed Product Description

Stock Number: 12478      

Year: 2016


The RotoClone„¢ Advantage
The RotoClone„¢ N combines high efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity,
flexibility and low water usage to maximize performance. The RotoClone„¢ N
has solved thousands of dust collection problems around the world.
• Low maintenance
• Low water usage
• Efficient
• Robust
• Proven
• Flexible
• Versatile
• Designed for continuous operation with minimum service
• Available for both normal and heavy-duty service
• Access doors with quick-opening handles provide accessibility to the interior
• Minimizes the build-up of dust deposits
The RotoClone„¢ N is a flexible design for a wide range of operating conditions
with minimal servicing requirements. Collection efficiencies, including the most
challenging particle sizes, are equal to or better than any wet dust collector with
comparable energy consumption.
The RotoClone N is a wet dust collector which uses water as the medium to separate dust from air by means of a unique stationary impeller. When installed and operated properly, the RotoClone N operates automatically and will require very little maintenance. However, as is the case with any mechanical equipment, it should be operated, maintained and serviced in accordance with these instructions to ensure long life and trouble free performance and use.
The RotoClone N is, for the most part, a factory assembled, fully self-contained dust collector except that the top-mounted fan ships separately for installation on-site.
The dust generated by the particular operation for which the RotoClone N is employed is drawn into the collector through the inlet duct work, into a water bath, and then through AAF’s unique static impeller which through a combination of induced aerodynamic and hydrostatic forces causes the dust to mix thoroughly with the water and separate from the air. The cleaned air is then emitted from the dust collector through the fan and the separated dust settles to the bottom of the
RotoClone N
© 2015 American Air Filter Company, Inc. Any use of the text or images this document contains, without permission of American Air Filter Company, Inc., is prohibited. RotoClone, AAF, REDClean, REDFiltration, and Reliable Efficient Durable are registered trademarks of American Air Filter Company, Inc. d/b/a AAF International.
water bath. The dust forms a sludge which is then periodically removed from the collector.
The RotoClone N can only be operated when it is filled with water to the correct level. A low water level would result in by-pass of unfiltered air. Automatic cut-out devices prevent operation of the fan if the water level is too low.
Arrangement D – Continuous Sluicing
RotoClone„¢ N, Arrangement D, is designed to sluice collected
material through the hopper into a process or disposal point.
Sluicing may be continuous or intermittent. This arrangement is
recommended for material handling applications in the chemical
and rock products industries; and dust abatement on crushers,
screens and transfer points for mining and rock products. To
maintain the scrubbing water at the proper operating level, a
constant supply of make-up water and drainage is required.
Size ……… Height (H) ……… ……… Width (W) ……… ……… Depth (L)
8 ……… 183-3/8" 4,658mm ……… 79-1/2" 2,019mm ……… 91-1/4"2,318mm
Normal Water Supply Rates
Size Arrangement D (GPM/LPM) 40 PSI/1.39 barg
8 11/41.64
operating. weight 10,700 lbs shipping weight 5500 LBS
Water capacity 390 gallons