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12.5" Amada #HKA-400, fully automatic band saw, w/mitering, 12.5" round, loaded with features, excellent, 2013

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Amada
Model: HKA-400
Stock #: 2335
Price: $24,500.00

Dealer Information

Rohner Machinery Sales Inc
2430 Cypress Way
Fullerton, CA 92831-5100

Contact: Chris Rohner
Tel: 714-441-1527
Fax: 714-441-1557

Gold Level Dealer Since 2000

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Detailed Product Description

Amada HKA-400 Horizontal Automatic Mitering Bandsaw

In absolute excellent condition both working & cosmetically.
Rare, late model Amada HKA-400 bandsaw with all the bells & whistles.
Made in Japan! This saw retails for $56,000 new!
Features fully auto "walk-away" operation with mitering capability.
Everything on this machine is in 100% working condition and comes loaded with features.
Original Paint!
This machine was well taken care of. Backed by our 30-day return privilege.

Manufacturer: Amada
Model: HKA-400
S/N: 40000024
Year: 2013

Capacity Round Diameter      12.6" at 90 degrees
      8.9" at 45 degrees
      3.9" at 60 degrees
Cutting Capacity Rectangle (WxH)      16" x 11" at 90 degrees
      8.9" x 11" at 45 degrees
      3.9 x 11" at 60 degrees
Work Load Capacity      880 lbs
Blade and Vise Operation      
Dimensions (LxTxW)      12.9" x 0.042" x 1-1/4"
Blade Speed      100-325 ft./min. Inverter
Tension Control      Manual - Split Clutch
Top Limit Setting      Automatic Setting with Quick
      Approach Feeler
Cutting Control      Oil Pressure Flow ControlValve
Type      Front and Main Vise
Control      Hydraulic Full Stroke Cylinder
Saw Blade Motor      3 HP
Hydraulic Pump Motor      1 HP
Cutting Fluid Pump Motor      1/10 HP
Power Supply Voltage      AC220V  /- 10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz
      All other Voltages require
Power Requirement      10.7 kVA
Cutting Fluid and Hydraulic      
Tank Capacity      10.7 gal.
Pump Type      Electric
Pressure Setting      391 psi
Chip Disposal      Manual
Material Index      
Index Mechanism      Shuttle Vise
Stroke      15.7"
Length      2.4" x 39.3"
Number of Input Station      1
Number of Cut Off Pieces      1-9999
Remnant Length      2.8"
Machine Dimension Head Up Position      84.3" x 92.3" x 73.4" (WxLxH)
Machine Dimension Head Down Position      84.3" x 92.3" x 64.0"
Table Height (above Floor)      30.3"
Machine Weight      3528 lbs

Equipped With:
8 degrees Saw Head Cant
60 degrees Miter Capabilities
Auto Index, Only at 0 degrees
Direct Drive
Full Stroke Vise
Inverter Blade Speed Control
Light Beam Marking
Post Construction Type Saw Head
Extra Blades

In-depth Description:
Saw Head Frame–The rigid “C" section
frame carries the mountings for the two band
wheels, heavy-duty worm gear drive reducer,
band drive motor, and guide arm mounting
Band Wheels and Drive System–The
inverter-controlled band drive motor is
directly coupled to the worm gear reducer,
eliminating the friction losses found in
variable-speed pulley drive systems. The
drive wheel transmission is designed and
manufactured by Amada to provide high efficiency speed reduction (with no external
cooling required) to deliver more power to the
drive wheel. Band speed is set using the band
speed adjustment knob on the control panel.
Canted Head and Single-Column Mounting–
The head is canted 8º
to enable the machine
to cut rolled sections (e.g., I-beams or
rectangular tubing) at significantly faster
rates as the blade is never in full contact
with the horizontal section of the material.
The single-column mounting enables the
saw guides to be much closer together, as
compared to scissor-type machines, which
improves the cutting performance.
Full-Stroke Clamping Vise–The full-stroke
clamping vise reduces the operator setup
time for different widths of material.
Manual Vise Inching Control–The vise
inching control enables the operator to more
accurately locate the work piece for the cut
by inching the vise. Then, with the help of
the shadow line projector, the operator can
make any small adjustments necessary to the
position for the desired cut.
Guarding–The saw band is covered by heavy gauge guarding in all non-cutting areas,
improving operator safety.