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42-1/2" Torwegge #HK-604, High Production Finger Jointer, 95 FPM, 42-1/2" L x 4-11/16" width x 2-3/8" Thick input material

Manufacturer: Torwegge
Model: HK 604
Cap.: 42.500
Stock # FJ-010659
Price: $125,000

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TORWEGGE Finger Jointing Line Model HK 604This line is designed to be used as a High Production line with capability to produce Up To 30 meters (95 feet) per minute. Actual production rates based on input material sizes.Input material sizes:Lengths: 200 - 1,080 mm (7 7/8" - 42 1/2") Widths: 40 - 120 mm (1 1/2" - 4 11/16")Thicknesses: 15 - 60 mm (9/16" - 2 3/8") &#9679 Double-Sided Finger Cutting Machine HZ 604- Cutting and profiling of random length material- Flat guides to accept right and lefthand machine part- Heavy, torsion free machine frame to accept motor columns- Non-driven special top tracks for solid wood- Spring-loaded hold-down shoes at top tracks- Chain tracks with automatic lubrication for transport chain and chain pads, 12" distance between dogs- Rail-type chain dogs over the entire working width- Three (3) driven roller conveyors for transportation of workpieces from chain track to chain track and out of the machine- Mechanical feed gear, steplessly adjustable-Chain feed speed adjustable from 20 - 90 ft/minStations: Top and Bottom Scoring Saw's: --Horizontal and vertical adjustment. --Fixed stop for cutting position. --Motor 2.0 kw (2.7 hp), 5,400 rpm, --shaft dia. 30 mm (1 3/16") --tool acceptance dia. 40 mm (1 9/16")Cut-off motors: --Horizontal and vertical adjustment. --Fixed stop for cutting position. --Motor 5.2 kw (7.0 hp) 5,400 rpm, --Motor shaft dia. 35 mm (1 3/8"),Finger cutting motors: --For clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, --Pneumatic jump attachment, --Horizontal and vertical adjustment. --Motor 6.3 kw (8.5 hp),5,400 rpm --Motor shaft dia. 35 mm (1 3/8"),Glue application at lefthand machine side: --- glue pump --- glue pressure regulator --- glue application with horizontal and vertical adjustment --- glue nozzle pneumatically controlled, with replaceable application shoe for one profile and material thickness --- glue nozzles for other profiles and thicknesses are optionalAngular Outfeed Conveyor: --transporting to lefthand direction -- stepless adjustable drive, motor 1.1 kw (1.5 hp) --- feed speed V = 25 - 75 m/min. (82 - 246 ft/min.) -- alignment railAccumulation Section: --Adjustment gear motor 1.1 kw (1.5 hp) --Feed speed V = 31 - 94 m/min. (101 - 308 ft/min.) --Alignment rail -- 6 spring loaded pressure rollers from top, height adjustable --Length of accumulation section 4,000 mm (157 7/16")Pre-Pressing Station: --Steplessly adjustable electric drive --Feed speed 60 - 75 m/min. (197 - 246 ft/min.) --Electrically driven infeed and pre-pressing rollers --stepless adjustment of the infeed and pre-pressing rollers, according to thickness and width of workpieces --Pneumatically adjustable pressure shoe --length: 1,580 mm (62 5/16")Final Pressing Station with Cut-Off Saw: --Speed regulation by pre-pressing station --Cut-off saw with stepless adjustable cut-to-length device and outpusher --Electronic length measuring device --Final pressing process lengthwise: hydraulically,cross and top: pneuma

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