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26" x 120" Microweily #TY26120, 4.125" bore engine lathe, 15 HP, 15" steady, 1999

Model TY26120
Year 1999
Swing 26.0"
Centers 120.0"

For Sale by Brokking Tool Ltd.

Surplus Record Dealer Since 2022


Original owner is retiring. The only persons to have operated this machine are the owner and his sons. Machine made in 1999, in Taiwan...where it is still being made today. Low hours. Excellent condition (see photo of ways). Machine is under power, and must be seen to appreciate both its condition and the various unique accessories it comes with - including a spindle speed reduction attachment, very useful for welding large diameters in the machine (see "Equipped With" below).
Serious, educated offers only, please. Please call between 8 - 4 (Eastern time) Monday to Saturday to schedule a viewing. No business will be transacted on Sundays.
***In spring 2022, an identical machine, only two years older, with damaged longitudinal ways at the headstock, and showing plain signs of neglect and abuse, sold for $12K at a local used machinery auction: I have photos to prove it. If that machine sold for $12K, our lathe should sell for $50K, minimum. Brokking Tool can only wish it worked that way! He who buys our machine will get at least five times the machine for about twice the price.*** (Note added: April 29, 2022)
NOTE: How tight is this machine? How good are its ways? The last precision job done on this machine required turning till clean the 10.6" diameter x 56" long face of a 66" OAL 304L stainless roll. The face was finish TURNED in one (1) pass, the diameter being kept within 0.00025"/6.3 microns (see photo of this operation attached).
-26" swing over bed.
-18.0625" swing over cross slide.
-33.25" swing in gap.
-13" center height.
-120" center distance.
-15hp spindle motor.
-1/8hp coolant pump motor.
-4.125" spindle bore diameter.
-D1-11 camlock spindle nose mount.
-Morse Taper #8 in spindle bore nose.
-Morse Taper #5 in spindle bore nose reducing sleeve (included).
-15-1200 x 12 spindle RPM (minimum RPM when using included rotary attachment = 0.18…that’s ZERO POINT ONE EIGHT).
-12.5" cross slide travel.
-four-way indexable toolpost (plus a spare unused identical one).
-10" compound slide travel.
-4 TPI lead screw.
-2-112 TPI x 60 imperial threads.
-0.2-14mm pitch x 60 metric threads.
-0.0014"-0.0387" per spindle revolution x quantity of 50 longitudinal ("Z" axis) feeds.
-0.0007"-0.01935" per spindle revolution x quantity of 50 transverse ("X" axis) feeds.
-2.9375" tailstock quill diameter.
-6.3125" tailstock quill travel.
-Morse #5 tailstock quill taper.
-3 phase x 575 volt electrics.
-two speed original tailstock.
-two “Microweily" steady rests (8.5" and 15" capacities).
-one “Microweily" follow rest.
-tailstock and carriage slides feature Turcite B.
-rapid Z axis traverse on carriage.
-inching on headstock and on carriage.
-thread dial indicator.
-carriage chip guard.
-two removable chip trays.
-original "Microweily" coolant pump.
-one 12" OD “Bison" three jaw self-centering chuck with two-piece hard jaws on spindle nose.
-one 10" OD x ~4.170" bore “Tos" three jaw self-centering chuck with two-piece hard jaws on spindle rear.
-very special and very useful electric motor rotary welding attachment (minimum RPM of one revolution every 5-1/2 minutes for beautiful heavy welds in one pass on very large diameters).
-120" Z axis “Mitutoyo" linear scale connected to two axis “Mitutoyo" Digital Read-Out unit on carriage (purchaser must obtain and install separately an X axis linear scale for transverse DRO).
-original “Microweily" spindle bore nose MT #8 > MT #5 reducing sleeve.
-one unused “Microweily" TY26120 four-way indexable toolpost with accessories (key, thrust bearing assembly).
-one special custom toolpost slide sleeve to accommodate giant 2.75" diameter shank tools for deep internal operations, e.g., deep boring.
-a custom 69 litre mobile coolant tank, featuring four 360 degree swivelling castors.
-one “Skoda" MT #5 stub live center (60 degrees included angle).
-two MT #5 dead centers.
-two MT #5 reducing sleeves (MT #4 and MT #3).
-one custom MT #5 holder for 5/8" diameter center drills.
-one MCKNR-164D right hand 1" square toolholder for rough facing
-one DCLNR16-4D right hand 1" square toolholder for external rough turning.
-two gears (84 and 88 teeth).

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