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17-1/4" Kaltenbach #HDM1300HGV, 52" blade, 3 extra blades, mitre base, 1970

Manufacturer Kaltenbach
Model HDM1300HGV
Year 1970
Cutting Capacity 17.25"

For Sale by InTech, Inc

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Kaltenbach Circular-Sawing Machine / Cold Saw
*This machine is in good working condition. It was up and in operation at time of take-out. Machine has horizontal and vertical clamping. We have drawings and books available if you are interested. Please let us know if you would like to set up an appointment to inspect the saw.
*All shipping costs can be determined prior to sale. We have several carriers that give us good discounts, but customer is welcome to send in own carrier. We load for free.
~Model No. HMD 1300 HGV Circular Cold Saw
~Serial No. 20121
~Manufacture Year: 1970
~Voltage: 440 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz.
~Blade Diameter: 51 1/2 inch
~Saw Cutting Capacity:
Round - 17 1/4
Flat - 31 1/2, x 11 1/4
Shapes - 36 1/4 x 16 1/2
~Weight: 15,200 lbs.

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