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12000 lb. Rowe coil reel and straightener combination, 40" wide x .110"

Manufacturer: Rowe
CapacityLbs.: 12000
Stock # 4917M

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Coil weight capacity: 12000 pounds

Stock Width Capacity 40 inches

Max Stock Thickness Capacity At Full Width .110 inches

Minimum expansion range: 20 inches

Maximum expansion range: 24 inches

Coil O.D. capacity: 60 inches

Equipped With

Rowe Coil Reel Uncoiler and Powered Coil Straightener Combination Specifications:
Coil weight capacity: 12,000 Lbs.
Coil width capacity: 40"
Stock thickness capacity: .110" x 40" Wide
Stock thickness capacity: .175" x 20" Wide
Expansion range: 20"- 24" (To be confirmed)
Coil OD capacity: 60"
Rowe coil Reel Uncoiler and Powered coil Straightener Combination Equipment and Features:
Rowe Coil Reel Uncoiler Model No.: 12040-DSJ
Four Leaf Mandrel coil reel
Powered coil reel mandrel expansion
Threading drive for jog forward and reverse
Drag Brake mounted on main coil reel spindle
Adjustable tensioning
Coil hold down arm
Rowe Traveling Coil Load Car Model No.: BGY-12-150
Powered lift and travel
Floor mounted track
Rowe Powered Coil Straightener Model No.: C340
Seven coil straightening rolls x 3.5" diameter
Entry and exit powered coil straightener pinch rolls with air operated adjustments
Adjustable stock width edge guides
Operator's control station
Jog forward and reverse
Auto/Run cycle
Warranty: Standard MDNA 30 day return privilege
Terms: 40% Deposit, net prepaid

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