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12" Scotchman #CPO-315-HFA, circular cold saw, vari-speed, automatic vise clamping & power downfeed, warranty, new, #SMCPO315HFA

Manufacturer Scotchman
Cutting Capacity 12.00"
Stock # SMCPO315HFA
Price $29,645

For Sale by Sterling Machinery Exchange

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Material Type:Ferrous
Maximum Saw Blade Diameter12 - 1/2"
Feed Type:Fully Automatic
Maximum Cut LengthSingle Index 30", Double Index
RoundUp To 3 - 1/2"
SquareUp To 3 - 1/8" x 3 - 1/8"
RoundUp To 2"
SquareUp To 2" x 2"
Length Tolerance+ Or - 0.004
Squareness Tolerance0.002 Per Diameter Inch
Minimun Cut Length1/8"
Air Pressure90 LBS. Minimum
Arbor Bore Size40 MM
Pin Spacing4/12/64
Optional Equipment Available:
Form Jaws: To Clamp One Piece (Samples Required)
Form Jaws: To Clamp Multiple Pieces (Samples Required)
Vise Jaw Extension (Reduces Remnant Length To 2")076912- 076913
Vise Pressure Regulator047252
Mist Coolant045368
Mag Brush (Used For Machine Chip Removal)072850
30" Digital Readout045492
10 Ft. Material Supply Track029242
20 Ft. Material Supply Tarck029242
Motor HP Non - Ferrous Models3.8 HP
Power Supply208/230/460 3 - PH
Dimensions (W x D x H)44" x 100" x 64"

Interlocking Safety Hood
Clamping Both Sides Ff Blade - Highest Quality, Burr-Free Cut
Fully Automatic Cycle
Push Button Controls Actuate The Complete Cycle
(Scotchman) Warranty: Three Years On Parts

Additional information:


NOTE:  This Saw will Cut Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastics, without Changing the Blade.

This Saw is a variable speed Cutting Saw.  If You Are Cutting Aluminum, Brass, Copper or other Soft materials ONLY, We suggest a NON Ferrous Saw for Quick, Clean Cutting.

Scotchman Is MADE IN AMERICA and comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY!



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