Universal Robotic Inc

Universal Robotic Inc

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Farmers Branch, Texas 75234-2311
Contact: Anna Hertz
Tel: 972-488-1200
Fax: 972-243-6806
Cell: 972-399-6709
Email: anna@universalroboticinc.com
Gold Level Dealer Since 2009
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Universal Robotic Inc offers a wide range of high-speed, high-precision, 4-axis SCARA and 5- & 6-axis articulated industrial robots, for payloads up to 20 kg. Standard, cleanroom and dust & mistproof models are available as are industrial robot arms. Universal Robotic Inc also offers easy-to-use programming software, controllers and teaching pendants.

List of products available from Universal Robotic Inc

ASSEMBLY MACHINES (Also See Indexing Machines)
Elwema, robotic cam cap assembly mach., F M16iB R30iA robot bearing cover inspection SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ

Fanuc, 710iB 710iB/45, robot with RJ3iB control, tested material handling SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, Arcmate 50iC/5L, R30iA welding cell, R30i control, Teach pendant, HMI s/w, 2010 SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Fanuc, ArcMate 100i Robots, Rj3 Control Welding Power sources Large Quantity SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, ArcMate 100iB & 120iB Rj3iB control welding robots, (18) available SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, ArcMate 120i & 120iL Robots w/Rj3 control welding power sources tested, low hrs SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, Genesis 120i, RJ3, twin robot weld cell for steel aluminum SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, Genesis Versa RCT ArcMate 100iBE, twin robots weld cell, RJ3iC, Lincoln power sourceRFQ
Fanuc, LR Mate 200iC 5H Robot R-30iA Mate SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, LR Mate 200iD/7L robot, R30iB control, 911mm reach, handling/picking/packaging SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Fanuc, M-10iA robot, 6 Axis, R-30iA control, cables, Teach pendant, material handling SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Fanuc, M-16iB/20, robots w/Rj3iB control, material handling robots tested SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, M-16iLT, robot w/Rj3 control gantry top loader 26' track long reach SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Fanuc, R-2000iA 165 210F, RJ3iB control, low hours, tested SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, R-2000iB/165F, with RJ3iC control, less than 400 hours tested SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fanuc, R-2000iB/210F, robots w/R-30iA control, low hours, very clean SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Thermo Scientific Fanuc Robot, LRMate 200iC R-30iA Mate Laboratory, 6-Axis, mini robot SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ

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