Tri-Motor & Machinery Co Inc

Tri-Motor & Machinery Co Inc

PO Box 524
Canby, Oregon 97013-0524
Contact: Joe Roberts
Tel: 503-266-6838
Fax: 503-263-3864
Gold Level Dealer Since 2016
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Tri-motor & Machinery specializes in Industrial AC and DC Electric Motors. They repair as well as sell new Motors. It is a highly equipped 10,000 square foot shop in the Industrial area of Canby, OR.

List of products available from Tri-Motor & Machinery Co Inc

MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE (Also See Explosion Proof)
100 HP  1200 RPM  General Electric, Frame 444T, TEFC, BB, rebuilt, 460 V. RFQ
100 HP  1200 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 444T, ODP, rebuilt, 460 V. RFQ
125 HP  1800 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 405T, ODP, 460 V. RFQ
150 HP  870 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 447TZ, ODP, rebuilt, 460 V. RFQ
150 HP  1200 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 445TZ, ODP, 460 V. RFQ
200 HP  715 RPM  General Electric, Frame 5011LL, TEFC, 460 V.(2 available) RFQ
200 HP  715 RPM  Reliance, Frame 31EC5012Z, TEFC, 2300 V. RFQ
200 HP  1200 RPM  Weg, Frame 449T, TEFC, RB, new, 460 V. RFQ
200 HP  1200 RPM  Weg, Frame 505Z, TEFC, RB, new, 460 V. RFQ
250 HP  1200 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 505UZ, ODP, rebuilt, 460 V. RFQ
350 HP  1800 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 505US, ODP, 460 V. RFQ

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