The Levy Recovery Group

The Levy Recovery Group

PO Box 7694
Bloomfield, Michigan 48302
Contact: Jason Levy
Tel: 248-914-4226
Gold Level Dealer Since 2019
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The Levy Recovery Group was founded on the basic principle that we all respect – good service for a fair price. The company began as direct reseller of used industrial equipment (such as CNC, Stamping Presses, Injection Mold, and Grinding). We have expanded to accommodate all of the services for which the market has dictated a need, such as auctions, liquidations, and valuations, appraisals, and decommissioning. Whether marketing an individual specialty machine or liquidating an entire facility, The Levy Recovery Group is the clear choice for obtaining the full potential value for your assets.

List of products available from The Levy Recovery Group

PRESSES, DOUBLE AND/OR TRIPLE ACTION (Also See Presses, Hydraulic, Double Action)
1300 Ton, Danly #D4-800-500-144-84, double action press, 132x66" ram, 38 stroke, 85" SH, 6-16 SPM Camera iconRFQ

150 Ton, Komatsu #SG2-150, gap frame press, 60" x30" bed, 12" stroke, 32.5" SH, 40 SPM, 1980 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ

PRESSES, HYDRAULIC (Also See Presses, Laminating and Presses, Molding)
5000 Ton, Bliss Hydro-Dynamic #HS-5000-4R-84-204, sgl pt hydraulic,48" stroke,84" SH, (2 available) Camera iconRFQ

500 Ton, Clearing #SE4-500-144-84, straight side press,28" str,20 SPM,72" SH,14" adj (2 available) Camera iconRFQ
600 Ton, Clearing #D2-600-350-120-84, SSDC press,120" x 84" bed Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
600 Ton, Clearing #S4-600-144-80, 33" stroke,12-16 SPM,72" SH,24" adjust, s/n 55-18194P Camera iconRFQ
600 Ton, Clearing #S4-600-144-84, 33" stroke, 12-16 SPM, 74" SH, 18" adjustment (3 available) Camera iconRFQ
600 Ton, Danly #S4-600-108-72, SSDC press,108" x 72" bed,32.5" -38.5" SH,20 SPM,1983 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
800 Ton, Danly #S4-800-180-96, 16" stroke, 12 SPM, 72" SH, 8" adjustment, 76" windows Camera iconRFQ
800 Ton, Verson #S2-800-168-48, 8" stroke, 68" SH, 8" adjustment, 21.5" windows (2 available) Camera iconRFQ

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