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OUR MISSION Spartan's mission is to help advance North American manufacturing, with its economic and social benefits, by empowering machine tool users to buy and maintain them more economically and easily. No one has ever pushed or progressed an industry by doing what everyone else was already doing. To have a meaningful impact we need to be different and have people take notice of our differences. Fortunately, that is easy. The existing business model of machine tool builders is an anachronism, unchanged in a century. All builders essentially require you to buy from their area’s single, appointed-dealer. Invariably, that dealer’s path to you is through expensive door-to-door selling. The industry-wide status quo severely limits your choices, and it imposes substantial cost, service, and convenience burdens on you. Spartan gives you a customer-centered alternative with better pricing, service, and convenience. We save you up to 25% off your machine purchases by empowering you to eliminate distribution overhead. We also provide measurably-great service and parts support, as well as unique and convenient buying-decision tools. Throughout, you pay only for what you want, nothing you don’t. The great machines we offer are also distinct, but it is our customer-centric business model – with its better pricing, service, and convenience – that is most unique.

BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, Includes VTLs (Also See CNC Machinery & Equipment)
49" Momentum #MVL-12M, 63" swing, Fanuc 0i-TD, 60/75 HP, oil skimmer, A/C cabinet, w/milling PDFCamera icon Video of equipmentRFQ
Monentum #MVL-12HS, 63" swing, Fanuc 0i-TD, 60/75 HP, oil skimmer, A/C cabinet, 76" turning hght PDFCamera icon Video of equipmentRFQ
Momentum #MVL-20M, 98" swing, Fanuc 0i-TD, w/milling capability, new cond., full warranty PDFCamera icon Video of equipmentRFQ

BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, CNC (Including Vertical Turning Center Lathes- VTL)
43" Accuway #UV-100ATCC, Fanuc 0iTD, 75 HP, C-Axis, 40" chuck, 12 ATC, box ways, new Camera iconRFQ

Momentum #MFB4040, 5 bed way, 45" swing, 157" centers, 24" chuck, Fanuc, 8" hole, 9" spindle, 2015 Camera iconRFQ

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