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Mitrowski Welding Equipment

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South Houston, Texas 77587-5403
Contact: Matt Mitrowski
Tel: 713-943-8032
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Cell: 281-844-4658
Gold Level Dealer Since 2000
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Mitrowski Welding Equipment - new & used welding equipment, arc welders,
positioners, turning rolls, manipulators.

List of products available from Mitrowski Welding Equipment

DoAll #C-916S, band saw, 158" band length, 460 V. input, 9 extra blades, 2000 SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ

300 Amps, Lincoln Electric CV-305 Ready Pak LF-72 wirefeeder, cables & gun, drive rolls Camera iconRFQ
1000 Amps, Lincoln AC/DC Power Wave SD, subarc power supply, in stock, 30 day warranty (15 available) Camera iconRFQ

Miller #CP302, Miller S22A Bernard mig gun, drive rolls, flowmeter, cables, $3,597.00 Camera iconRFQ
Miller #PipeWorx-400, w/Miller PipeWorx dual wire feeder, mig gun, running gear, ' 13 Camera iconRFQ
Miller #XMT-450, Miller S74 wire feeder, cables & mig gun, cylinder cart, 30 day warranty Camera iconRFQ
OTC narrow gap weld sys, wire feeders, controllers, power supplies, coolant sys, manuals Camera iconRFQ

Lincoln SAE-300 HE diesel welding machine, 3174 hrs, Perkins diesel engine, warranty, ' 14 Camera iconRFQ

Pandjiris, Gripper Welding Chucks, Many Sizes, For Sale or Rent Camera iconRFQ

Weld Wire #WWFT-20, welding floor turntable, 24.25" table height, 1 HP, s/n #11265 Camera iconRFQ

1 Ton, Pipe Cutting machine, 20' , 120 V., variable speed, torch holder Camera iconRFQ
2 Ton, LJ Welding #HD2-300, 4000 lb., pipe stands, height adjustable SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
2 Ton, LJ Welding modular roller support stands, 4000 lb., 2" -49" diameter, 39" -63" adj.hght Camera iconRFQ
4 Ton, L.J. Welding pipe turning rolls, adjust.hght, 2" -36" pipe diameter, foot pedal, 120V. Camera iconRFQ
5 Ton, Aronson pipe turning rolls, 12" rubber whls, frame mounted 101" x 36" , rubber whls, 460 V. Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
5 Ton, Profax, turning roll set, 720 lb., 12" -68" diameter capacity, Pendant control, 2/3 HP Camera iconRFQ
20 Ton, L J Welding adjustable height turning rolls, 14' max diameter, 460 V. input, used Camera iconRFQ
25 Ton, Preston Eastin #FUDSA-25, fit-up rolls, 27' long, vari-speed, 460 V.input Camera iconRFQ
40 Ton, LJ Welding Automation #20TRV-100/200, 80000 lb., variable speed, 1' - 14' dia Camera iconRFQ
60 Ton, Koike Aronson turning rolls, WRD-60 driver, WRI-60 idler, 8" -18' diameter range SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
60 Ton, Preston Eastin #TDRA-60HD TIRA-60HD, 460 V., vari-speed, for sale or rental Camera iconRFQ
60 Ton, Webb #M1000, 120000 lb., 20' diameter, 22" tire diameter, Baldor 3HP VFD Camera iconRFQ
60 Ton, Weldwire Ransome. 460 volt, remote hand pendant, 30 day warranty Camera iconRFQ
90 Ton, Koike Ransome #DPRR/DIRR, 180000 lb., variable speed, 460 V. Camera iconRFQ
120 Ton, Preston Eastin #TDRA120HD & TIRA120HD, 460V. input, 12" to 16' diameter, vari-speed Camera iconRFQ
120 Ton, Preston Eastin Driver & Aronson idler, 460 V., vari-speed, 16' max diameter Camera iconRFQ
120 Ton, Ransome #EPRR EIRR, 240000 lb., variable speed, 20' diameters Camera iconRFQ
200 Ton, Preston Eastin, 400000 lb., steel wheel, 460 V. input, variable speed Camera iconRFQ
400 Ton, Aronson #WSD-400 & WSI-400, wide whl turning rolls, 460 V. variable speed Camera iconRFQ
1000 Ton, Aronson #WSD-1000 & WSI-1000, 2000000 lb., vari-speed, ready to rent Camera iconRFQ

TURNTABLES, For Welding Manipulators & Positioners
Ransome, 120000 lb. floor turntable, 8' table, excellent condition Camera iconRFQ

WELDING MANIPULATORS (Also See Forging Equipment)
1' x 1' Lincoln Power Wave AC/DC #1000SD, power supply, part K2803-1, 30 day warranty, 2013 Camera iconRFQ
4' x 4' Weldwire #WEM-44TC, 120 V. input, swivel rotation, powered vert & horiz. Camera iconRFQ
6' x 6' Lincoln Electric Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD, complete subarc pkgs, sales & rentals Camera iconRFQ
6' x 6' Lincoln electric subarc welding manipulator, 600 amp, complete ready to weld Camera iconRFQ
6' x 6' Manula manuipulator, torch holder, 300 lb. capacity, 74" vert travel, 75.5" horiz travel Camera iconRFQ
6' x 6' Pandjiris #6x6-M, 72" boom stroke, 10" -82" vertical boom travel, 300 lb boom capacity  Camera iconRFQ
6' x 6' Preston-Eastin #MA66LD, Lincoln DC-600, Lincoln NA-3 subarc, cables & brackets SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
6' x 6' Stinger Mig Jimmy Jammer, 20000 lb, 24" chuck, oscillator, Miller XMT450, cross slide Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
8' x 8' Pandjiris Lincoln subarc manipulator, DC-1000 power supply, NA-3 subarc system Camera iconRFQ
8' x 8' Preston-Eastin, circle burner for vessels & pipe, 1-1/2" -42" beveled holes Camera iconRFQ
10' x 10' Manipulator w/Lincoln elec subarc sys DC-600, NA-3.Flux vacuum, sales & rentals Camera iconRFQ
11' x 16' Pandjiris #1100, manipulator, 11' reach, 16' lift with 18' under the arm, 460 V. Camera iconRFQ
12' x 12' Pandjiris #1100, manipulator, new Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
12' x 12' Preston-Eastin #1212 Lincoln Subarc, TCP-56 power travel car, variable speedVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
13' x 15' Ransome #XHD, heavy duty, flat base plate Camera iconRFQ
14' x 14' Koike Aronson Scarab #S14VRA14CL-PK, freestanding X base, 460 V., warranty Camera iconRFQ
14' x 14' Koike Aronson #Scarab, Miller 1000 amp subarc welding sys, Flux vacuum sys Camera iconRFQ
14' x 14' Miller, 1000 amp subarc welding sys, Summitarc AC/DC 1000, Miller HDC-500 control Camera iconRFQ
14' x 14' Preston-Eastin, free standing base, new 1 yr.warr., made USA, #WM002330 Camera iconRFQ
14' x 14' Teledyne Readco #14x20, 226.5" under arm, vari-speed boom travel, s/n #106000 Camera iconRFQ
16' x 16' Preston-Eastin manipulator, power travel, 460 V., subarc welding equip.avail. Camera iconRFQ
18' x 18' Preston-Eastin #MA1414HD, manipulator, S/N MA1414HD-31, 2011Visit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
19' x 16' Ransome vari-speed VFD, powered mast rotation, 460 V.input, 30 day warranty Camera iconRFQ

200 lb. MBC, tabletop positioner, 12" table, variable speed, foot pedal SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
300 lb. CobraTurn digital turntable, 3-jaw chuck, Argon gas purge, foot pedal 120 V. Camera iconRFQ
500 lb. Profax, with 12" pipe chuck, 120 V., foot pedal, variable speed Camera iconRFQ
1000 lb. Profax #WP-1000, 24.5" table, 29" center line, 2 RPM, 115 V.input Camera iconRFQ
1500 lb. Pandjiris #15-4-AB, power tilt & rotation, adjustable height base Camera iconRFQ
2000 lb. Aronson #HD20A-PTVR5, positioner, hi-speed rotation 5 RPM, power tilt, 24" table Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
2000 lb. Koike Aronson #C2000, universal balance, 8" round table Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
3000 lb. Bulldog pipe welding positioiner, 20" pipe chuck, foot pedal, 120 V., made in USA SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
3000 lb. Pandjiris #30-6, variable speed, new, one year warranty Camera iconRFQ
3000 lb. Pandjiris #30-6 AB positioner with B-Gripper chuck, 460 V., 30 day warranty, ' 98 Camera iconRFQ
4000 lb. ALM positioner, head & tailstock, hydraulic elevation, power rotation, 460 V. Camera iconRFQ
4000 lb. ALM, head/tail stock positioners, hyd elev.& rotation, simple, small, affordable Camera iconRFQ
4000 lb. L.J. Welding compact floor turntable, 30" table, 14" tall, 120 V., vari-speed, new Camera iconRFQ
4000 lb. Ransome #40P, w/40" pie gripper chuck, 12" COG, foot pedal, 460V., warranty Camera iconRFQ
4000 lb. Ransome positioner @ 12" COG, variable speed, very clean machine Camera iconRFQ
4000 lb. Ransome, never put into service, like new, 1998 Camera iconRFQ
4500 lb. Aronson #SHD45A, 51" table w/T-slots, hand & foot pedal, New Pacemaster controls, warr Camera iconRFQ
4500 lb. Aronson geared elevation, 460 V. input, variable speed rotation Camera iconRFQ
4500 lb. Pandjiris #45-12 positioner, vari-speed rotation, hand pendant, 460 V.Visit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
4500 lb. Preston-Eastin #PA-45-12, welding positioned, 4-jaw 32" chuckVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
4500 lb. Preston-Eastin #PA45-HD12, 48" x 48" table, 460 V. input, adj height base, power tilt Camera iconRFQ
5000 lb. Ransome, head & tailstock positioners, 24" pipe gripper chucks, adj.height Camera iconRFQ
5400 lb. LJ Welding #30P-200, with 30" Pipe chuck, foot pedal, digital readout (2 available) Camera iconRFQ
6000 lb. Koike Aronson #HO60VF, positioner, 48" x 48" table, hand pendant, foot pedal, 2015 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
6000 lb. Pandjiris #60-12-AB, 48" x 48" table, variable speed Camera iconRFQ
6000 lb. Preston Eastin #PA-60HD12, 54" x 54" table wioth T-slots, remote hand & foot SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
6000 lb. Preston-Eastin #PA60-HD12, 480 volt input, For sale For rent Camera iconRFQ
10000 lb. Aronson #HD-100 CS, 230 V.input, constant speed rotation, 48" x 48" table, 1963 Camera iconRFQ
10000 lb. Koike Aronson #HD-100VF Gripper 60" pipe chuck, variable speed Camera iconRFQ
10000 lb. Preston-Eastin #PA100HD, positioner, 54" round table, vari-speed rotation, 460V. SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
10000 lb. Preston-Eastin #PA100HD, 54" x 54" table w/T-slots, foot pedal, hand pendant, 2014 SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
10000 lb. Preston-Eastin #PA100HD, 54x54" table w/center thru hole, V/S rotation, power tilt Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
10000 lb. Ransome #10000, flr turntable, 60" diameter surface, 24.5" tall, 460 V., S/N 43471, 2007 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
12000 lb. Pandjiris #120VPL, Positioner, 54x54 Table, vertical power lift, 2006 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
12000 lb. Ransome #120-P, hand & foot pedal, 460 V.input, 60" round table, sales & rentals Camera iconRFQ
16000 lb. Aronson #HD-160, 54" table, 460 volt, 1957 Camera iconRFQ
16000 lb. Aronson #HD-160-CS, 480 V. Constant speed tilt and rotation Camera iconRFQ
16000 lb. Ransome pipe positioner, 50" pipe gripper chuck, powered hght adj, for sale or rental Camera iconRFQ
24000 lb. Aronson #HD240, 54" x 54" table, variable speed Camera iconRFQ
24000 lb. Koike Aronson #HD240VF, 54" x 54" table adjust.height, 460 V., 2012 Camera iconRFQ
24000 lb. Ransome #240-P, 60" table, 460 V., variable speed rotation Camera iconRFQ
25000 lb. Aronson #GE-250, geared elev, 60x60" table, V/S rotation, 460 V., remote hand control Camera iconRFQ
25000 lb. Teledyne Readco #UPC-250, 66" round table, power tilt, S/N 105471, 1976 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
30000 lb. Ransome #300-P, 72" round table, 460 V., variable speed Camera iconRFQ
40000 lb. Koike Aronson #HS-20 & TS-20, 54x54 tables, vari-speed, 460 V. input, warranty Camera iconRFQ
40000 lb. Ransome #400-PA, low profile, 84" round table, 460 V.input, vari-speed Camera iconRFQ
40000 lb. Ransome #8H headstock, hyd power rotation, 84" x 84" table, 65" center of table Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
40000 lb. Readco welding positioner, 84x84" table, 460 V.input, power tilt, V/S rotation Camera iconRFQ
40000 lb. Weldwire Co. #WWFT-40, 480 V., 72" table, vari-speed, 713-943-8032 Camera iconRFQ
50000 lb. Koike Aronson #HD-500VF, adjustable height base, 480 volt, VFD variable speed Camera iconRFQ
60000 lb. Pandjiris #600-12, 96" x 96" table, adjustable height, variable speed, 1992 Camera iconRFQ
80000 lb. Weldwire #WWFT-80, floor turntable, 72" table, 24" tall, 480 V.input, vari-spd, warr Camera iconRFQ
85000 lb. Koike Aronson #G-850, 15 HP rotation motor vari-speed, 480 V.input, 96" x 96" table Camera iconRFQ
95000 lb. Aronson #AB-950-6, 460 V.input, vari-speed rotation, power tilt, sales or rentals Camera iconRFQ
120000 lb. Aronson #G1200, 460 V.input, vari-speed rotation, power tilt, 120" x 120"  Camera iconRFQ
120000 lb. Weldwire floor turntable, 72" table, 5 HP V/S, 480 V.input, new, sales & rentals Camera iconRFQ
160000 lb. Aronson head tailstock positioners #HS-80 TS-80, adj.hght 84x84 tables, 460V. Camera iconRFQ
220000 lb. Aronson #G-2200, 10' table Camera iconRFQ
220000 lb. Ransome #2200P-A, 10' table, 1981 Camera iconRFQ
350000 lb. Aronson #G3500, 40HP rotation VFD controls, 10' x10' table, 2000000 lb in. rot.torque Camera iconRFQ

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