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Contact: Kurt Mazurek
Tel: 248-437-6616
Fax: 248-437-4779
Email: Kurtm@mcwilliamsedm.com
Gold Level Dealer Since 2005
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McWilliams Sales & Service, Inc. offers high Quality new and reconditioned EDM/Used EDM Equipment throughout North America. We offer EDM parts and consumables, small hole drilling, and sinker machines. McWilliams specializes in the reconditioning of used JAPAX and used Sodick wire machines. We are THE SINGLE SOURCE for all JAPAX parts worldwide.

Japax #DJ-1612, electrical discharge machineVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Japax #EMM-30, 7.8" X, 11.8" Y, dual head electrode maker used diamond coated wire, ' 86RFQ
Japax #LDM-35, Dielectric fluid cooling/filtration, EE03 power supply, JAPT 4G, RS232, ' 89Visit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Japax #LV3, Dielectric fluid cooling/filtration.JAPT 3J w/color graphics.RS232, ' 86Visit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
KTC #EDM-DR, tap buster/broken tap remover w/internal flushing, 3.9" Z, 2010RFQ
Sodick #A320F, 12.5" X, 8.0" Y, 6.8" Z, CNC EX21 control, 1997RFQ
Sodick #A320L, 12.6" X, 7.9" Y, 6.8" Z, CNC EX control, 1992RFQ
Sodick #A500LH, 19.7" X, 13.8" Y, 13.7" Z, Dielectric fluid cool/filtration, AWT, MK 21, ' 92Visit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Sodick #A530D, 19.6" X, 12.5" Y, 10.6" Z, Dielectric fluid cooling/filtration, EX21 control, ' 94 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Sodick #AQ325L, linear motor drive commerical wire EDM, 2006 Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
Sodick #AQ550L, 21.6" X, 13.7" Y, 12.6" Z, linear motor drive wire EDM, AWT, LNW1 control, ' 99RFQ

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