L & L Machinery Co Inc

L & L Machinery Co Inc

3225 Maytown Rd. SW
Olympia, Washington 98512-9133
Contact: Wally/Reggie
Tel: 800-858-0091
Fax: 360-352-9929
Email: wally.landlmachinery@gmail.com
Gold Level Dealer Since 1988
Visit our Website: http://www.acdcmotors.com

L & L Machinery has been serving the Industrial Electrical community since 1979. We specialize in Sales and Services of New and Reconditioned Electric Motors.We ship all over the world.

List of products available from L & L Machinery Co Inc

MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE (Also See Explosion Proof)
250 HP  1200 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 315LL, TEFC, BB, 2300/4160 V. RFQ
250 HP  1200 RPM  U.S., Frame 5807ML, TEFC, BB, 4160 V. RFQ
300 HP  1800 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 5010US, TEFC, BB, 2300/4160 V. RFQ
350 HP  1200 RPM  IEM, Frame 5811B, TEFC, BB, 2300/4160 V. RFQ
350 HP  1200 RPM  Reliance, Frame 449TZ, DP, roller/ball, 460 V.(2 available) RFQ
350 HP  1200 RPM  Teco, Frame 5810B, TEFC, BB, 2300/4160 V. RFQ
400 HP  1800 RPM  Teco, Frame 5806B, TEFC, roller/ball bearing, 460 V. RFQ
500 HP  900 RPM  U.S., Frame 6809, TEAA, BB, 2300/4160 V. RFQ
500 HP  1800 RPM  U.S., Frame 5811ML, TEFC, BB, 4160 V. RFQ
600 HP  900 RPM  General Electric, Frame 8309S, TEAA, BB, 2300 V. RFQ
600 HP  1800 RPM  Siemens, Frame 588US, TEAA, BB, 4160 V. RFQ
800 HP  500 RPM  General Electric, Frame 8507SU, ODP, SB, 2300 V. RFQ
800 HP  1200 RPM  Siemens-Allis, Frame 589US, Weatherproof type II enclosure, BB, 460 V. RFQ
1750 HP  3600 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 500-1000, Weatherproof type II enclosure, slv.brg, 2300/4160 V. RFQ

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