Keck Electric

Keck Electric

2432 Suffollk Ln
Joliet, Illinois 60433-1628
Contact: Steve Keck
Tel: 815-931-8553
Gold Level Dealer Since 1954
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Keck Electric., has over 2500 new, used and rebuilt AC & DC motors, drives,
gear reducers, and power supplies, in stock. The Keck name has been a
trusted and time proven one since 1950.

List of products available from Keck Electric

CENTRIFUGALS (Including Boiler Feed Pumps)
21000 GPM @ 162' TDH, Worthington #24LN41, newRFQ

GEAR REDUCERS, Without Driving Unit
598 HP @ 1200 RPM, Falk #130FC2A-B, 4.908:1 Ratio, 1.0 SFRFQ

MOTORS, A.C., SLIP RING, 60 CYCLE (Wound Rotor)
800 HP  900 RPM  Yaskawa, Frame 8010P, DP BB, 2300/4000 V. RFQ

MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE (Also See Explosion Proof)
75 HP  900 RPM  Elektrim, Frame 444T, TEFC, new surplus, 460 V.(3 available) RFQ
250 HP  3600 RPM  Louis Allis, Frame 449TS, TEFC, 1.15, R&G, 2300/4160V.(2 available) RFQ
300 HP  1200 RPM  Teco, Frame 5009BS, DP BB, EOK, 2300/4160 V. RFQ
300 HP  1765/3570 RPM  Reliance, Fr.L4046, VFD, BB, BX, 3-60/120-460 V., new RFQ
350 HP  1200 RPM  Reliance, Frame 5810S, DP, 4000/6600 V. RFQ
600 HP  1200 RPM  Joliet Unimega, TEFC BB, new, 2300 V.(2 available) RFQ
1000 HP  3600 RPM  Hyundai, Frame 400, DP SB, New, 4160 V. RFQ

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