Jasper Electric Motors Inc

Jasper Electric Motors Inc

PO Box 1494
Jasper, Alabama 35502-1494
Contact: Darold Winn
Tel: 205-384-6071
Fax: 205-384-0361
Email: darold@jasperelectricmotor.com
Gold Level Dealer Since 2016
Visit our Website: http://www.jasperelectricmotorsinc.com

Jasper Electric Motors Inc provides quality motor and rotor repair by being on the cutting edge of technology and using high-quality materials, such as M19 electrical steel. Handling large and small motors alike, we are the future. We have almost every tool needed to repair or remake your rotor and stator. Most motors we repair run as efficiently as or more efficiently than the motor was when it came out of the factory. Our personnel allow us to work smoothly and allows our customers to have peace of mind.

List of products available from Jasper Electric Motors Inc

MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE (Also See Explosion Proof)
50 HP  1200 RPM  Worldwide, Frame 365T, TEFC, 230/460 V., new RFQ
50 HP  1800 RPM  Weg, Frame 326T, TEFC, 230/460 V., new RFQ
50 HP  1800 RPM  Worldwide, Frame 326TC, TEFC, 230/460 V., new RFQ
60 HP  1200 RPM  Weg, Frame 404/5T, TEFC, 230/460 V., new RFQ
125 HP  1775 RPM  Lincoln, Frame 405T, ODP, 230 V. RFQ
150 HP  1800 RPM  Weg, Frame 444/ST, 460 V. RFQ
350 HP  1200 RPM  Worldwide, Frame 586/7T, WWE350-12-586-7T, 460 V., new RFQ
400 HP  3565 RPM  Weg, Frame 447/9TS, ODP, 460 V. RFQ
500 HP  1800 RPM  Teco, Frame 5011C, TEFC, KB5004R, 4160 V., new RFQ

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