Goldstein Gear Machinery LLC

Goldstein Gear Machinery LLC

1840 Jarvis Ave
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007
Contact: Michael Goldstein
Tel: 847-437-6605
Fax: 847-437-6618
Cell: 847-380-8300
Gold Level Dealer Since 1952
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Goldstein Gear Machinery LLC offers gear hobbers, gear shapers, gear shavers, straight and spiral bevel gear generators, gear grinders, hob and gear cutter sharpeners, gear testing machines and gear instruments, as well as index plates, cutter bodies, change gears, cams, and many other gear tools and accessories.

List of products available from Goldstein Gear Machinery LLC

GEAR GENERATORS, For Bevel,Helical,Herringbone,Hypoid & Spiral Gears
Gleason #642, G-Plete, bevel gear generator, 13" diameter, formate, helical, conveyor, exc., ' 82 Camera iconRFQ

Gleason #519 Univ, 36" /12" , No 60/39 tapers, .00005" (.00127mm) accuracy, 1967RFQ

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