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Contact: Becky Ronesburg
Tel: 901-774-3216
Fax: 901-774-6813
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Gold Level Dealer Since 2018
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Excel Pneumatics Inc specializes in air conveyance systems and cotton bale handling, the company is well respected in the industry for quality and service. Excel produces its own line of chip and grain feeders, along with complete airlock systems. The company also purchases and remanufactures major brands of pneumatic blowers, positive displacement, vacuum pumps, and related equipment.

Roots #616JV & RAM, blowers multiplesRFQ
Roots #710-RAS, blower verticalRFQ
Roots #817-RCS-JV, blower vertical shaft topRFQ
Roots #1017-RASJ-Whispair, blower verticalRFQ
Roots #1018-RAS & RGS, blower multiplesRFQ
Roots #1021-RAS-Whispair, blower multiplesRFQ
Sutorbilt #721-4500, verticals multiplesRFQ
Sutorbilt #1230-500 Series, blower multiplesRFQ
Sutorbilt #1437, blower vertical vacuum pumpRFQ
Sutorbilt #1833-5000, horizontalRFQ
Sutorbilt #1854-6821S, blower vertical double driveRFQ
Sutorbilt #2254 horizontal, blower 3100RFQ
Sutorbilt #2266, horizontalRFQ
Sutotbilt Parts: blower head plates, gears, timing hubs, gear covers, multiple partsRFQ
Blower Parts: Roots #1009, gas pump, blower vertical S=WhispairRFQ

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