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Gold Level Dealer Since 2007
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Energy Equipment Co., Inc., founded in 1981, is a sales agency specializing in boilers, boiler room and power plant equipment, fire tube boilers and more. We sell packaged boilers and support equipment such as burners, deaerators, economizers, boiler feed systems, chemical feed systems, etc., spare and replacements parts, maintain an inventory of used boilers and all types of boiler room equipment of various sizes for sale or rent.

50 HP Cleaver-Brooks, Nat.gas, 4 pass, 350 psi, reconditioned, warranty, guarantee, 2004RFQ
100 HP Cleaver-Brooks, nat. gas, 150 psi, reconditioned, warranty, guarantee, 1994RFQ
100 HP Hurst, Nat gas/2 oil, 150 psi, as-is or reconditioned, warranty, guarantee, 2005RFQ
125 HP Cleaver-Brooks, nat. gas, 200 psi, reconditioned, warranty, guarantee, 1993RFQ
200 HP Hurst, 3 pass wet back, 150 psi, NG/#2 oil, recond, warranty, guarantee, 2002RFQ
300 HP Cleaver-Brooks, gas/2 oil, 150 psi, recond, warranty, guarantee, ready to ship, ' 99RFQ
400 HP Superior, 3 pass-wet back, nat.gas, 30 ppm NOx, 150 psi, reconditioned, warr., guarantee, ' 10RFQ
600 HP Cleaver-Brooks, 4 pass dry back, NG/#2 oil, 150 psi, recond, guarantee, warr, ' 96RFQ
800 HP Hurst, gas/2 oil, 30 PPM NOx, 4 pass wet back, 150 psi, recond, warr., guarantee, ' 02RFQ

50000 PPH Cleaver-Brooks, gas/2 oil, D type, 250 psi, as-is, available immediately, 1995RFQ

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