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Electric Maintenance Service has been a recognized expert in the field of electric components for more than 90 years, specializing in electric motor speed controls. We concentrate on controlling motor speed with eddy-current drives and variable frequency drives specifically Eaton Dynamatic Drives, Louis Allis Drives and Drive Source International Drives. All of these drives are stocked in our inventory of new and rebuilt drives, and repairing and rebuilding all eddy-current drives is the special expertise of our repair shop. For knowledgeable advice, the right part and impeccable customer service, there's only one name you need to know: Electric Maintenance Service.

MOTORS, A.C., ADJUSTABLE SPEED (Including Motors,Variable Speed Drives)
.5 HP  50/1600 RPM  Eaton, 5041, 1 phase RFQ
.5 HP  50/1600 RPM  Eaton, 5043, M4-440000-5043 RFQ
.75 HP  50/1600 RPM  Eaton, 7541, M4-440000-7541 RFQ
1.5 HP  0/1695 RPM  Eaton, EC-14, A1-100140-0013, 45 V.DC RFQ
1.5 HP  0/1705 RPM  Eaton, AC-181, A1-100181-0032, 45 V.DC RFQ
2 HP  50/1685 RPM  Louis Allis, AC-182, A3-100182-0039, 90 V.DC RFQ
3 HP  0/3400 RPM  Eaton, A1-100140-0015, 45 V.DC RFQ
5 HP  0/1690 RPM  Eaton, AS-180504-01, B2-100180-0001 RFQ
5 HP  40/3430 RPM  Eaton, AC-184, A2-100184-0055, 45 V.DC RFQ
5 HP  50/1685 RPM  Louis Allis, AC-186, A2-100186-0003, 90 V.DC RFQ
10 HP  100/3425 RPM  Louis Allis, ACM-904, 110 V.DC clutch RFQ
20 HP  440/1695 RPM  Louis Allis, ACM-9053, with brake RFQ
30 HP  100/1680 RPM  Louis Allis, ACM-9103, 90 V.DC RFQ
40 HP  50/1685 RPM  Eaton, ACM-9103, 90 V.DC RFQ
40 HP  100/1800 RPM  Eaton, ACM-912, 45 V.DC RFQ
40 HP  220/1710 RPM  Louis Allis, ACM-912, 90 V.DC RFQ
50 HP  820/1660 RPM  Eaton, AT-280500-4141 RFQ
60 HP  100/1690 RPM  Louis Allis, ACM-9113, 90 V.DC RFQ
75 HP  0/1700 RPM  Eaton, WCM-2120, M2-100004-2120, 45 V.DC RFQ
100 HP  0/1700 RPM  Eaton, WCM-2124, M2-100043-2124, 45 V.DC RFQ
200 HP  960/1620 RPM  Eaton, ACM-440, press duty RFQ
350 HP  0/1800 RPM  Eaton, WCS-218, coupling only RFQ
500 HP  0/1800 RPM  Eaton, WCS-219, coupling only RFQ
500 HP  0/1800 RPM  Eaton, WCS-219B, coupling only, with brake RFQ

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