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Contact: Mike Park
Tel: 310-538-9738
Fax: 310-538-8273
Email: etbalance@earthlink.net
Gold Level Dealer Since 1988
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E.T. Balancing Inc. has, for the last 41 years, been continuously involved and active in the business of dynamic balancing, vibration analysis and balancing machine sales and service both in the field and in the shop.

1 lb. Schenck #CBAA, 6" swing, CAB-641 instrument, vertical spindle, single plane, guaranteed Camera iconRFQ
66 lb. Schenck #RBBD, 2 plane vt, 33.5' sw, hard brg.tw.vectormtrs, guaranteed w/oper. Camera iconRFQ
250 lb. Schenck #H2, hard bearing, 25" sw, 30" centers, twin vectormeters, DC o/hd belt drive  Camera iconRFQ
500 lb. IRD #B-5, 38" swing, 47" bearing centers, 290 instrument, belt drive, guaranteed Camera iconRFQ
500 lb. Schenck #H3N, DC dr., 30" swing, 28" C-C, guaranteed w/operator training Camera iconRFQ
1000 lb. Schenck #H30B/CAB-700, 38" swing, 35" centers, belt drive, complete man., guaranteedRFQ
3000 lb. Noremac / Balmac #743, 68" swing, 145" centers, belt drive, SCR controlld DC, guaranteedRFQ
5000 lb. Hoffman #HL-24.1, 68" swing, 106" bearing centers, HD instrument, belt dr, guarRFQ
5000 lb. IRD #B-50, 96" swing, 144" bearing centers, 290 instrument, belt drive, guaranteed Camera iconRFQ
5000 lb. Schenck #HU40B/5, 62" sw, 120" centers, analog/DRO, guar. w/oper.5 HP, train.dr. Camera iconRFQ
190000 lb. Schenck #H-9, 140" sw, 288" centers, 1200HP end dr, CAB-690 inst., guar. w/oper.trng Camera iconRFQ

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