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D&B Industrial Sales, Inc.,has been providing the best used robot sales & service in the industry for years.

ABB, IRB 1400/M98/S4C (2 available)RFQ
ABB, IRB 1400/M2000/S4C+ welding cell w/2 position tableRFQ
ABB, IRB 2400L/M2000/S4C+, w/weldingRFQ
ABB, IRB 2400L/M2004/IRC5 dual robot weld cellRFQ
ABB, IRB 52 IRC 5P painting robotRFQ
ABB, IRB 6400/M97/2.4/120 KG, industrial robot (3 available)RFQ
ABB, IRB 6400R/2.5/200 KG/M2000, S4C+RFQ
ABB, IRB 6600/225/2.55, IRC5, like newRFQ
ABB, IRB 6650/200/2.75, IRC5, like newRFQ
ABB, IRB 6650S/3.5M/125 KG/M2004, IRC5RFQ
Fanuc, ArcMate 100iB, w/Lincoln 455M Welder (2 available)RFQ
Fanuc, M-420iA, palletizing robotRFQ
Fanuc, M-900iA, arm onlyRFQ
Fanuc, M-900iA/350F, R30iARFQ
Fanuc, P-200E, RJ3iBRFQ
Fanuc, R-2000iA/125LRFQ
Fanuc, R-2000iA/210F, Industrial Robot, low hoursRFQ
Fanuc, R-2000iB/165F, R30iA (6 available)RFQ
Fanuc, S-420iW/RJ2, RIA compliant, low hours, 2000 (5 available)RFQ
Kuka, KR-150/2, industrial robot, low hours, 1999RFQ

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