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At Clayton Electric Motor Repair, Inc., we take the time and care to provide our customers with high quality electric motor service personalized for their unique needs. In our business each customer is different. Each has their own special process and unique equipment. At our electric motor shop, we work with the customer and manufactures to see that quality repair services are performed on each individual job. Our motor repair services include rewinding, changing bearings, replacing motor brushes and testing every motor after it has been repaired. To extend the life of our repairs we use the highest quality parts and materials. All rewinds are preformed with inverter rated wire. We also provide in house machine shop services. These repairs include boring and bushing end bells, turning and undercutting commutators, building up and turning motor shafts to their original specifications, pressing out broken shafts, machining replacement shafts, repairing and cutting new keyways and the balancing of rotors. We offer field services when our customers are in need of onsite assistance. We have the capabilities to trouble shoot the causes of most electrical and electromechanical problems. Often times help may be required when certain items need to be removed prior to their repair. We come out and take the necessary measures to safely remove the items in need of repair. After the repairs are performed, we reinstall and make sure that all items are properly functioning. Other general services performed at Clayton Electric Motor Repair, Inc. include the repair of generators, hoist, and power tools. We stock a number of common motor brushes to assist in these repairs. Need service right now? Downtime can be costly and we understand that certain situations require immediate attention. We provide emergency service 24/7 to get you the customer back up and running smoothly. Pick up and delivery services are provided as well. We make same day local pick ups and out of state if necessary. We also schedule pick ups to accommodate wherever our customer needs us. When you need us we are there for you.

40/26.67 HP  1770/1185 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 365T, ODP, 460 V., new surplus Camera iconRFQ

MOTORS, A.C., SLIP RING, 60 CYCLE (Wound Rotor)
200 HP  900 RPM  General Electric, Frame 17, slip ring, rebuilt, 440 V. RFQ

MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE (Also See Explosion Proof)
5/1.67 HP  1775/580 RPM  Toshiba, Frame 254T, TEFC, new surplus, 460 V. RFQ
100 HP  1770 RPM  Lincoln, Frame 404TSC, DP, BB, 230/460 V. Camera iconRFQ
100 HP  1785 RPM  Worldwide, Frame 405T, TEFC, Roller Bearing, 230/460 V. RFQ
125 HP  1175 RPM  Allis-Chalmers, Frame 445T, TEFC, rebuilt, 480 V. RFQ
125 HP  3600 RPM  Lincoln, Frame 404TS, ODP, BB, new surplus, 230/460 V. Camera iconRFQ
150 HP  1175 RPM  General Electric, Frame 6324, DP, rebuilt, 460 V. RFQ
150 HP  1185 RPM  Siemens, Frame 447T, TEFC, RB, 460 V. Camera iconRFQ
150 HP  1800 RPM  Magnetek, Frame 445TC, TEFC, 460 V. RFQ

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