Burford Electric Service Inc

Burford Electric Service Inc

PO Box 2387
Columbus, Mississippi 39704-2387
Contact: Ken/Jammie
Tel: 662-328-5679
Fax: 662-329-3176
Email: Jammie@burfordinc.com
Gold Level Dealer Since 1990
Visit our Website: https://burfordinc.com

Burford Electric started the legacy of quality motor repair in 1959, with a small shop and a hand full of employees. Today, Burford Electric continues the tradition of first class work in a 38,000 square foot shop and over 50 dedicated employees working 2 full shifts. At Burford Electric, we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate all your repair or new equipment needs.

List of products available from Burford Electric Service Inc

MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE (Also See Explosion Proof)
75 HP  900 RPM  Baldor, Frame 444T/TS, TEFC, ECP4419T-4, new, 460 V. RFQ
100 HP  1800 RPM  Siemens, Frame 405T, TEFC, new, 460 V. RFQ
125 HP  1800 RPM  Marathon, Frame 444T, TEFC, 460 V. RFQ
150 HP  1800 RPM  Marathon, Frame 445T, TEFC, 460 V. RFQ
200 HP  1800 RPM  Siemens, Fr.B447T, TEFC, ILE23214EB312AA3, new, 460V. RFQ
250 HP  1800 RPM  Marathon, Frame 447/449T, TEFC, 460 V. RFQ
300 HP  1785 RPM  Baldor, Frame 445T, ODP, new, 460 V. RFQ
450 HP  1780 RPM  Marathon, Frame 5011L, TEFC, 460 V. RFQ
550 HP  1750 RPM  Marathon, Frame 6013L, TEFC, 460 V. RFQ

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