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Always Precision, Inc. specializes in buying, selling and rebuilding Cincinnati Centerless Grinders and, with over 2000 standard and custom replacement parts in stock, they can ship the part you need. Allways Precision provides you with unparalleled quality and service.

GRINDERS, CENTERLESS, CNC (Also See Grinders, Centerless Alphabetical Classification)
Cincinnati #2OM, 7-Axis CNC, 15 HP, 6" wheel, 24" diameter wheel, infeed/thrufeed Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ

13.75" x 40" Studer #S35, CNC universal grinder, serial #20202, 1990RFQ

No. 1 Cincinnati #LM, centerless grinder, hydraulic, 10" x 4" wheel, rebuiltRFQ
No. Cinco-15 Cincinnati, 20" or 24" infeed handle, inspected or remanu., guaranteed (2 available) Camera iconRFQ
No. 107-4 Cincinnati, hydraulic profile G.W.dresser, auto infd, or infd.handle, good used or certified Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
No. 2 Cincinnati Mdl. EA, reconditioned or remanfactured, infeed or thru-feedRFQ
No. 2 Cincinnati Mdl. LO, 3-1/2" capacity, remanufactured, rebuilt or API inspectedRFQ
No. 2 Cincinnati Mdl. OM, remanufactured, 2 year spindle warranty, 1951 (4 available) Camera iconRFQ
No. 2 Cincinnati Mdl. OM, good used machine, thru-feed or infd, 20" or 24" whl, guar.(6 available) Camera iconRFQ
No. 220-8 Cincinnati Centuramic, remanu.& retro. w/CNC drsr.& infd, 2 yr spindle warranty Camera iconRFQ
No. 220-8 Cincinnati, auto infeed, as taken from service, 1980RFQ
No. 230-10 Cinn., Twin Grip, thru-feed, as taken from service or certified, mid' 70' s(4 available) Camera iconRFQ
No. 3 Cincinnati Mdl. EA, good used, thru-feed, hydraulic dressers (2 available) Camera iconRFQ
No. 3 Cincinnati Mdl. LL, centerless grinder, hydraulic, 24" wheel, rebuiltRFQ
No. 325-12 Cincinnati Centuramic, thru-feed or infeed, rebuilt or used (6 available) Camera iconRFQ
No. 325-12 Cincinnati, 12" wheel, 24" diameter, hydraulic wheel dresser, 25 HP, reg. wheel spdl Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
No. 340-20 Cincinnati Twin Grip, remanu, reg.whl.servo, Trabon lube, 2 Yr. spindle, warrantyRFQ
No. 340-20 Cincinnati, re-scraped dressers & slides, micrometer handwheel, reg.whl.drive Camera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
No. 350-20RK Cincinnati Twin Grip, inspected servo dressers, servo infeed controlRFQ
No. 360-20 Cincinnati Twin Grip, heavy duty, thru fd, 1-way compensator, inspected/partial rbld (2 available)RFQ
No. 375-20 Cincinnati Twin Grip, remanufactured & retrofitted, 2 yr spindle warrantyRFQ
No. 3100-20 Cincinnati Twin Grip, heavy duty, inspectedRFQ
No. 4 Cincinnati Mdl. EA, centerless grinder, hydraulic profile truing, rebuiltRFQ
No. 430-12 Cincinnati Twin Grip, 1 way comp, auto diameter adv. GW dresserRFQ
No. 440-20 Cincinnati Twin Grip, thru feed, centerless grinder, rebuiltRFQ

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