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4-1/2" Haberle #H90, compound miter, tilting saw head cold saw

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General Specifications

Cutting Capacity: 4.50"
Manufacturer: Haberle
Model: H90
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description


TILTING SAW HEAD allows vertical mitering 0º-90º to the right side. The vise in place, it allows compound angles with tilted head 0º- 45º' and mitered vise 0º'- 60º according to the 1º- graduations. Quick adjustment by clamp levers without tools. Safe handling of the rigid moving head. Large tilting block for exact angle cuts. Double yoke pivot, adjustable,

MITERING & MOVING VISE allows horizontal angle cuts 0º- 60º. Positive lock by spring-loaded pin in straight and 45º position. To meet the total cutting range of the sawblade, the mitering vise can be moved backwards. For notching and slitting cuts, the vise can be removed and placed to the left side. NOTCHING CUTS WITH 90° TILTED HEAD: The vise placed to the left side, the saw head can be tilted vertical up to 90º for notching cuts into channels and T-size profiles. SLITTING CUTS IN DOOR FRAMES: The vise replaced to the left side, it allows also parallel slits by the positive 90º locking. All adjustments are done by clamp levers without tools.

Water coolant system with reliable high volume diaphragm coolant pump. Coolant supply to both sides of the sawblade.

Double yoke pivot with hardened and ground shaft, adjustable on both sides.
2-piece safety guard closes completely when the saw head is in rest position. Operator can not touch the sawblade. Double latch linkage for free guard movement when the head is lifted to effect the cut, outer guard remains between operator and sawblade. Quick release by spring button for easy sawblade replacement.

Oversized precision gear drive with elastic safety coupling, hardened and ground worm shaft, worm wheel of special bronze and 70 mm (2.75") dia. main spindle running in oil. Designed and built for full-time operation.

Sawblade H.S.S. max. 350x2.5x40 mm (14") with 2 drive holes 11 mm on circle 64 mm. Do not use segmental blades.

Cutting range
      Size      ( inches )      Sawblade      Angle
Round tube      120 dia.110 dia.100 dia.      ( 4.5" )( 4.3" )( 3.9" )      350 mm350 mm350 mm      Straight45° mitre60° mitre
Square tube      115 squ.110 squ.90 squ.      ( 4.1" )( 4.0" )( 3.5" )      350 mm350 mm350 mm      Straight45° mitre60° mitre
Section      180 x 70160 x 70100 x 65      (7.0 x 2.7" ) (6.3 x 2.7" )(4.0 x 2.6" )      350 mm350 mm350 mm      Straight45° mitre60° mitre
Solid      60 dia.      ( 2.5 )max. ,with      300 mm      coarse blade

Sawblade speeds:
220v 60 Hz:      26.5/53/106 RPM also for stainless steel.