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30' Rotary reverberatory furnace, Didion, rotates 310 deg 14 tons/day 30 million BTU

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General Specifications

Type: 30' rotary reverberatory f
Manufacturer: Didion
Stock #: 15227
Price: $500,000.00

Dealer Information

Global Machine Brokers LLC
58 Commercial St
Watertown, CT 06795-3309
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Contact: Joseph Wihbey
Tel: 860-484-4449
Fax: 860-484-4452

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Detailed Product Description

30 Foot Didion Rotary Reverberatory Furnace Rotates 310 Degrees 14 Tons/Day 30 Million BTU 

30 Foot Didion Rotary Reverbatory Furnace Unit Rotates 310 Degrees Of Full Circle During Melt Stages
30 ft. Long Outer Tube, .75 Steel
O.D. 7  8
I.D.  5   5
Liner In Unit Is 12 Thick & Rated To 3200 Degrees Tube Is 30,000 lbs. w/o High Alumina Refractory, 80,000 With Liner In Place Forced Air & Gas, 15 Million To 30 Million BTUs Per Hour
Emergency Shut Off w/Power Loss Sensors Includes Natural Gas Manifold, Injector & Fan
14 Slag Pots w/Water Jacket Pot Cooler
Furnace Control Panel
Stanchions  Frame  Cradle Bearing Rotation Motor Chassis = 30,000 lbs. Total
Standard Havens Alpha/Mark ll Bag House
714 Bags & Cages In Bag House
Horizontal Platform On Trailer Chassis
Blower w/ 40 H.P. Motor
Gas Engine Compressor w/100 Gallon Positive Pressure Tank
42  10 ft. Long Manifolds Servicing 17 Bags & Cages Each Sequence Board Controls Air Blast
11 ft. Wide X 70 ft. Long X 10 ft. 6 in. Tall
30,000 CFM Thru Put Max.
The Unit Is Fully Operational At The Current Time. However Not Being Used.
Furnace Needs To Leave Current Facility In 90 To 120 Days.
Furnace & Furnace Accessories, Emissions Cleaning Equipment Included.  $675,000.00
Please Note Break Down / Disassembly & Loading Outbound Trucks Additional $35,000.00
Manufactured in the U.S. by Dideon as a calcining unit. With limited modifications such as removing inner helix/paddle lifters, rail track adjustable gas air injection and the addition of a cast able high alumina content refractory
liner, this unit can now process 14 tons of precious metal bearing slags with every 24 hours of operation. Maximum operating temperature with current gas/air injection system is approximately 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be achieved in 35 to 40 minutes after loading and ignition.

The high temperature refractory liner inside of this furnace is the best than can be obtained at any cost. The Cast able mix was composed with 90% alumina and rated for continuous operation at 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The value of the refractory mix alone exceeds a quarter of a million dollars U.S.