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18" x 36" Elb #SWB09VAII, horizontal surface grinder, IDF, wheel dresser, coolant

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General Specifications

Width/Cross: 18.0"
Length/Longit.: 36.0"
Manufacturer: Elb
Model: SWB09VAII
Stock #: 7820
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Dealer Information
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Scott Machinery & Supply Inc
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Helena, AL 35080-0430
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Contact: Josh Taylor
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Detailed Product Description

Model: SWB09VAII
s/n: 79420269
Year: 1969
Made in Germany

Capacity: 18" x 36"
Wheel: 16"d x 2"w x 5" bore
Distance from chuck to spindle: 24"
Speeds: 3-82 ft/min
Automatic Cross feed continuous: 47 in/min
Automatic Cross feed intemittent: 0.04 - 2.4 in/stroke
Cross feed on handwheel: 0.001"
Cross feed fine adjustment: 0.0005
Automatic Vertical rapid: 6 in/min
Vertical feed on handwheel: 0.0001 1 division ins
Vertical feed on fine setting knob: 0.00005 1 division ins
Dowfeed: 0.0001 - 0.0025 in/impulse
Motor: 14.7 HP

Equipped With:
19-3/4" x 35-1/2" Electric Magnetic Chuck
Over the wheel dresser

Overall Size: 112" L x 87" W x 108" H x 14,500 lbs (approx)
Coolant tank: 27" L x 52" W x 24" H x 500 lbs (approx)

**See attached Warranty, Terms, Machine Use & Safety.
**These specifications are subject to verification upon inspection.