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Hydrostatic Testers, 16mm to 76mm 4-head machines to 457mm single head machine, new

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General Specifications

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Detailed Product Description

Hydrostatic Testers


Heads: Single, Double, Three-Head Or Four-Head

Displacement: Tooth Plate Step-Walking
Chain Displacement
Tilting Displacement

Pressurizing: Pneumatic Cylinder Pressure Amplifier
Hydraulic Cylinder Pressure Amplifier
High Pressure Pump

Double-Class Pressure Amplification Is
Employed For Hydrostatic Testing Machines
For Large Diameters And High Pressure To
Ensure Quick Pressure Amplification

Sealing: End, Outer Diameter, Combined Outer Diameter Or
Large Clearance Outer Diameter

Length Adjustment: Manual Or Motorized Displacement

Hydrostatic Testing Machines Range From 5MPa to 70Mpa,
The Simpler End Sealing Is Used For Machines Under 21MPa,
End Seal Crushing Stress Control Technology Ensures Long
Service Life Seals (Up To 2000 Pipes Per Seal Ring)

Software Packages Can Be Supplied Which, In Combination
With The Pressure Sensor, Provides All-Inclusive Functions
Including Collection, Storage, Display, Search And Printing
Output Of Test Data

Auxiliary Functions Such As Pipe Stocking, Splitting,
Pre-Rinsing, Water Pre-Filling And Post Water Draining
Then Drying With Compressed Air Can Be Supplied

Hydrostatic Testing Machines Can Range From 16mm to 76mm
Diameter 4-Head Units With The Capacity Of 12 Pipes/Minute
To 457mm Diameter Single-Head Testers With The Capacity
Of 1 457mm Diamter Pipe/Minute

Single-End Hydraulic Testers For 340mm Diameter Coupling
Pipes Can Be Supplied, Using Both Inner And Outer Seals
At The Coupling End And Performs Hydrostatic Test
Separately On The Coupling End Of The Coupling Pipe