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CSI #KODIAK, 10' x 48', (2) Burny Kaliburn 400 amp hi-def, 4-Oxy heads, Burny Phantom, '14

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Csi
' Table Width: 10' Table Width
' Table Length: 48' Table Length
Stock #: 10061
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Dealer Information
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Westbrook Engineering Co
23501 Mound Rd
Warren, MI 48091-2048
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Contact: Sales Dept.
Tel: 866-367-7297
Fax: 586-759-3106
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Detailed Product Description

YEAR: 2014 (Installed December of 2014)
Stock No. 10061
Equipped with:
10’ Effective Cutting Width, 56’ Floor Mounted Rail System with Two Safety Parking Zones
Burny Phantom II PC Based CNC Control System
Burny High Performance AC Drive System
2 ea. Burny Kaliburn Spirit II 400 “Ultra Sharp″ Mechanized Plasma System
2 ea. Kaliburn Inova Automatic Plasma Torch Height Control
4 ea. CSI Motorized Oxy Fuel Torch Cutting Stations
Water Table with 10’ x 48’ Effective Cutting Area
Ingersoll-Rand Model 2340, 5 HP Air Compressor
HP Pro Tower PC, Sigmanest Version 10 Software, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and HP6100 Printer

10’ Effective Cutting width x 48’ Effective Cutting Length
Cross Travel System guided by Dual Linear Ways & Bearings
Precision Rack & Pinion (.75″ .75″ 16Dp 20 deg. PA)
Heavy Duty Master and Slave Carriages
Individual High Quality Igus Power Track
Full Width Heat Sheilds for protection during Heavy Plate Cutting
Programmable Auto Lubrication for THK Style Bearings on Linear Ways
(4) CSI Advanced Rail Cleaning Systems
Stainless Steel Torch Band for Ease in Automatically Spacing Torches

56’ Floor Mounted Rail System with (2) Safety Parking Zones
      Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Bridge design
      Hardened Tongue & Groove Tee Rail
      Adjustable Leveling Pads and Hardware for a 48’ Effective Cutting Length
      Dual Side Drive Precision Rack & Pinion
End of rail Limit Switches and Hard Stops for ensured safety
Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Rails in standard 16’ sections
High Quality Igus Power Track for all Supply Hoses & Cables
(Specifically designed for production cutting of (2) 10’ x 20’ plates)

Burny Phantom II PC Base Control System including
Windows XPE (embedded Operating System      50 Stand Shapes Library
15″ Active TFT Color LCD Touch Screen      Programmable Rotation & Scaling
2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor      DXF/DWG File Conversion
40 Gigabyte Hard Drive Capacity      8-Direction Jog Keypad
2 Gigabyte DDR3 RAM      Cut Loss Memory
(4) Front Panel USB Ports Graphic      Automatic Plate Alignment
Software Upgrades via Internet      Built in Diagnostics
“Go To″ Job Interrupt      True Multitasking Environment
Dynamic Repositioning & Cu/Loss Recovery      Multi process functionality
Built in Plasma Tracking Consumable Graph      Real time Path Display
Internet & Network Capabilities      Feed Rate Potentiometer

Burny High Performance AC Drive System
      Heavy Duty Industrial Enclosure for the harshest environments
      1000 watt 3-Axis PWM AC Drive Amplifiers with integrated Heat Sinks
      AC Brushless Motors Mounted with 2000 Line Encoders Assemblies
      In-Line Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes
      Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Diagnostic LEDs
Digital Synchronization on Rail Axis
Stainless Steel Braided Shield on all Interconnecting cables
      Speeds up to 500 ipm standard

Network Kit for Part Loading, Remote Help & Diagnostics:
      Enables Immediate Downloads from your office desktop PC
      Enables “remote diagnostics″ by CSI via your internet connection
      Greatly reduces down time and saves you money!

Burny Kaliburn Spirit II 400 “Ultra Sharp″ Mechanized Plasma System
      400 amp High Definition Plasma Cutting Systems
      HOT “Hafnium Optimizing Technology″ minimized wear
      Exceptional Consumable Life and lower operating costs
      Pierce Mild Steel up to 2″ (3″ from an edge start)
      Virtually Dross-Free cutting with 2 degree or less edge angle
      Marks and Cuts with the same consumables for efficiency
      Quick-Disconnect Torch Head for reduced set-up time
      Uses less gas than any system on the market
      Configured with Automatic Gas Consoles

Kaliburn Inova Automatic Plasma Torch Height Controls
      Heavy Duty Motorized Slide with 9.2″ of stroke
Initial Height Sensing (IHS), for accurate and repeatable Initial Pierce Height Settings
Plasma Collision Sensor, torch will “Breakaway″ during accidental collisions in all axis
Ohmic Contact, senses torch contact with the plate for IHS
Responds to Arc Voltage changes  /- 0.4 volt
Travel Speeds 500 ipm
Positioning resolution to .0001″
Remote Control Console

CSI Oxy/Fuel Gas Regulator Control System
High Volume Harris 425 Series Station Regulators
High/Low Pre-Heat Automatic
“Ease On″ Pierce Rate Valve for High Pressure Oxygen Control
High Pressure Oxygen controlled with a High Volume Dome Loaded Regulator

CSI Motorized Torch Cutting Stations including
      Heavy Duty Motorized Lifter with 8″ of stroke
      All Anodized Aluminum Construction
      Ball Screw Design guided by Linear Way & Linear Bearing
      110 VAC Motor with mechanical Clutch and Lovejoy Coupler
      Brass Torch Holder with Pinion and Hand Wheel
      Harris 98-6TARF (3) Hose Machine Cutting Torch with 32 pitch Rack
      Individual Control of Preheat Gases and High Pressure Oxygen
      Hoses, Control Cables and All Necessary Connections
      All Hoses & Cables are routed through high quality Igus Power Track

Water Table with 10’ x 48’ Effective Cutting Area
(Actual size 10’6″ W x 49’ L x 24″ H)
      Heavy Duty Wall Construction
      Completely Welded Chamber
      Air Operated to Raise/Lower Water Level
      Sacrificial Slats located on 4″ Centers
      Removable Slag Pans for Easy Clean Out
      Lifting Lugs for Easy Rigging