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GEAR GENERATORS, For Bevel,Helical,Herringbone,Hypoid & Spiral Gears

Gleason #24A Coniflex, combinational rougher/finisher, 35.5" pitch diameter, 6" face, 1.25 DP, 18" cone distance, #27616

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Gleason
Model: -24A
Stock #: 27616
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Dealer Information

Mohawk Machinery Inc
10601 Glendale Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45215-6330

Contact: Mr.Secord
Tel: 513-771-1952
Fax: 513-771-5120

Gold Level Dealer Since 1956

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Detailed Product Description

GLEASON 24A "Coniflex" Straight Bevel
Gear Generating Machine
New 1978, Serial Number 752801

Combination Rougher/Finisher, suitable for "general
jobbing" production of straight bevel
(coniflex/crown) gears up to 35.5 (901mm)
pitch diameter, (at 10:1 ratio), 6" (125mm)
face-width, with cutting capability up to 1.25 DP
(20.4 module)

Universal feed cam, double-track, for roughing
and/or finishing work
Hydraulic chucking attachment (w/draw-bar & nut)
Self contained hydraulic system
Roughing yoke & bushing
Fine-feed adjustment feature
One set of tool-holders
Gleason auto-stop
Guards/covers and operators step platform
Misc. Wrenches, spanners, operator's tools
Full complement of electrics (motors/controls)

Longest cone distance (1 3/4" stroke) 18" (457mm)
Shortest cone distance 0"
Maximum pitch diameter:
10 to 1 ratio 35.5" (901mm)
2 to 1 ratio 31.75" (805mm)
1 to 1 ratio 25" (635mm)
Max pitch angle (shafts at 90 deg) 84.18 degrees
Minimum pitch angle 5.42 degrees
Extreme ratio 10 to 1
Maximum pitch 1.25 DP (20.4 module)
Maximum face length 6" (152mm)
Index range 10 to 100 inclusive
and most numbers up to 200
Diameter (large end of taper) 6" (152mm)
Taper per foot .75" (18mm)
Depth of taper 6" (152mm)
diameter of thru bore 5" (127mm)
Spindle nose to machine center 5"-26" (127-660mm)
Cutter speeds (strokes per minute) 22 to 170
Feeds (seconds per tooth) (22 feeds) 23 to 645
Floor space required 74" x 105"
Floor space required (1880x2660mm)
Machine net weight 24,400 lbs(11,295 kGs)