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Glebar #TF-9DHD, 1' maximum diameter, new 25 microns, infd/thrufd centerless grinder, '03

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Glebar
Model: TF-9DHD
Stock #: T12605
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Dealer Information
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Orca Machine Tools Inc.
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Albertville, MN 55301-4317
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Detailed Product Description

(1) Used Glebar Model TF-9DHD, Precision Infeed/Thrufeed Centerless Grinder, New 2003

Diameter Accuracy:              /- 0.0001" (25 microns)
Roundness:                    /- 0.00005"
Grinding Diameter:             MAX 1" (25.4mm) - MIN 0.002" (0.050mm)
Grinding Length:             Infeed 8" (203.2mm) thrufeed - unlimited
Work Wheel RPM:             2375
Grinding Wheel
Diameter:                   9" (229mm)
Width:                   8-5/8" (220mm)
Spindle Speed:             2400rpm 6000SFM
Spindle Motor:             7-1/2, 10 & 15HP
Regulating Wheel
Diameter:                   4" (102mm)
Width:                   8-1/4" (210mm)
Power:                   2HP(1.45kw)
Wheel RPM:                   10 - 400
Hydraulic System
Pump Motor:             2HP (1.5KW)
Oil Pressure:                   350 psi (22bars)
Hydraulic Tank:             15 gallons (57 ltr)
Variable speed displacement pump
Stock Size                   0.002"(0.051mm) - 4" (102mm) Diameter
Dimensions:                   47"(L)x39"(W)x50(H)
Weight:                   1,800lbs(820kg)

Equipped With:
Operator friendly NEMA 4 rated Industrial Touch Screen computer with built in networking and gauging interface
(1) SA-521 Servo Controlled Regulating Wheel Drive.
(1) SA-244 Lou1800ver Slide Adjustment.
(1) SA-203 Cartridge spindle Regulating Wheel Housing.
(1) SA-594 10″ Touch Screen Control Upgrade.
(1) SA-534 Proximal Sensor Grinding Controls.
(1) SA-529 Distal Grinding Controls.
(1) 16’ Automatic Wire Feeding System. Integrated into machine control.
(1) Track Assembly to store unground ground wire.
(1) Wire tray assembly mounted on feeder to segregate lots of wire for post grinding applications.
(1) Table assembly mounted on feeder.
(1) SA-190 Hydraulic template tracing work wheel dresser with (1) straight template, includes diamond tool.
(1) TP-6137-1 Formed template for work wheel
(1) SA-424 3″ Wide Stationary Hydraulic Template Tracing Regulating Wheel Dresser.
(1) TP-6137-2 Formed template for regulating wheel.
(1) 3″ Super Abrasive grinding wheel.
(1) Work Wheel Spacer Set for 3″ Tooling
(1) 3″ Super abrasive regulating wheel includes regulating wheel segments.
(1) 3″ Work Rest Blade insert holder to accept distal bars.
Misc Work rest blade insert.
(1) PGA-1300-4T Diamond Tool.
(1) Distal Bar
(1) 3 Stage recirculating coolant system 30 Gallon Capacity.
(1) TFB-326 Coolant Chute Adapter

Specifications and Equipment are Preliminary, Subject to Buyer Verification.