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Kiwa #KNH-426X, HMC, Fanuc 18iMB, 23.6" X, 24" Y, 26" Z, 64 ATC, (2) pallet, 12000 RPM

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Kiwa
Model: KNH-426X
Automatic Tool Changer: 64ATC
Longitudinal" X: 23.6" X
Cross" Y: 24.0" Y
Vertical" Z: 26.0" Z
RPM: 12000
Stock #: KMWH
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Dealer Information

Dominion Air & Machinery Co
1401 Coulter Dr NW
Roanoke, VA 24012

Contact: R. Stevenson
Tel: 540-344-8733

Gold Level Dealer Since 2004

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Detailed Product Description

Item Description:

KIWA KNH-426X Horizontal Machining Center With Fanuc 18iMB Control ~ new 2002

Machine Features:

Pallet Size 19.68" x 19.68"
Number of Pallets 2
ATC Number of Tools 64 (2 Pallet)
X Axis Travel 23.62" (600 mm)
Y Axis Travel 24.02" (610 mm)
Z Axis Travel 26.18" (665 mm)
B-Axis (.001°Increment) Full Rotary (Standard)
Rapid Traverse 2,362" (60 meters) per minute
Acc/Dcc X,Y,Z Axis .6Gs, .7Gs, .5Gs
Tool Change Time 1.2 Seconds
Standard Spindle 40 Taper 12,000 RPM (35 HP) Big Plus
Through Spindle Coolant Standard, 215 PSI
Weight (2 Pallet) 23,100 pounds
Chip Conveyor Standard (Lift Type)


Pallet Size 19.68" x 19.68"
X Axis Travel 23.62"
Y Axis Travel 24.02"
Z Axis Travel 26.18"
B Axis 360° Full Rotary
Rotary Increment .001°
Maximum Weight 881 lbs.
Workpiece Diameter 24.02"
Workpiece Height 32.0"
Spindle to Pallet Center 5.9" - 32.09"
Spindle to Pallet Surface 3.15" - 27.27"

Ballscrews 1.57"/20mm pitch
X,Y,Z Axis Thrust 4,400 lbs.
Fanuc Motors
(X Axis) Alpha 22/3000i/5.4HP
(Y Axis) Alpha 2B/3000i/5.4HP
(Z Axis) Alpha 22/3000i/5.4HP
B Axis/ Thrust Clamping Force 11,600 lbs.
Clamping Torque 3,690 lbs.
Rotational Torque 278 ft. lbs.
Fanuc Motor (B Axis) Alpha 8/3000i/2.1HP
Drives Fanuc w/ HRV II Absolute Encoders
Linear Guides:

Manufacturer NSK 3 Groved
Rail Width 1.77"
Block Size 6.88" x 4.72"
Lubrication Forced Oil & Air

Rapid Traverse Rates (X,Y,Z) 2,362 inches per minute
Axes Feedrates (X,Y,Z) 2,362 inches per minute
B Axis Feedrate 6588° per minute 18.3 RPM
Indexing Speed 1.8 seconds/90°
Direct Coupling X,Y,Z Axes Standard Absolute Encoders
Acc/Dec: X Axis .6 G's
Y Axis .7 G's
Z Axis .5 G's
Headstock & Spindle:

Standard 12,000 RPM; 35 HP Big Plus, w/ Chiller
Spindle Acceleration 0-12,000 RPM, 3.43 seconds
Spindle Deceleration 12,000-0,2.16 seconds
Spindle Taper CAT 40, Big Plus
Coolant Thru Spindle 215 PSI
Spindle Front Bearing Diameter 2.76"
Lubrication Forced air and oil closed loop
Spindle Type NSK/TOYO, Big Plus Double Contact
Clamping Torque 2.700 lbs.
Automatic Tool Changer:

Magazine Capacity 64 Tools Standard 2 Pallet
Tool Shank (Taper) CAT 40
Tool Selection Fixed or Random, Programmable
Maximum Tool Weight 18 lbs.
Maximum Tool Diameter (Adjacent Stations Empty)7.87"
Maximum Tool Length 14.17"
Tool Change Time 1.2 Seconds
Heavy Tool (Programmable) 2.8 Seconds
Chip to Chip Time 4.0 Seconds 3.6 Seconds
Bi Directional Magazine Standard
Spindle Orientation Electric
Magazine Rotation Speed Maximum Rotation (64 Tools); 23 Seconds
Automatic Pallet Changer:

APC Type Rotary
Number of Pallets 2
APC Cycle Time 7 Seconds
Pallet Index Time (360°) 4.3 Seconds
Height From Floor 42.3"
Pallet Load 881 lbs.
Coolant System:

Chip Collection Standard
Dual Through, Stainless Steel Inserts Standard
Through Spindle Coolant Standard
Wash Locations Standard
Bed/Troughs Standard
Discharge 83 gallons per minute

Ballscrews Pressurized Oil & Air
Linear Guideways Pressurized Oil & Air
Spindle Pressurized Oil & Air

Coolant Tank 145.5 Gallons
Hydraulic Capacity 9 Gallons
Hydraulic Discharge Pressure 711 PSI
Lubrication Capacity 1.5 Gallons

Machine Electrical Drain- Full Load 54 KVA
Machine Voltage 220 V, 60 HTZ
Slideway Lubrication Pump 19 Watts
Coolant Pump-Flood Type 365 Watts
Through Spindle 625 Watts
Pallet, Chip Wash 625 Watts

Pressure Requirement 72 PSI
Volume Requirement 13 cu. ft./min.
Fanuc 18iMB Control Features

Axis Control:

Controlled Axes, (4), (X,Y,Z,B)
Simultaneous Controlled Axes, (4)
Backlash Compensation (Rapid Feed & Cutting Feed)
Emergency Stop
Bell Shaped Acceleration/Deceleration Programmable
Advanced Preview Control (High Speed Contouring)
HRV 435x
Fine Feed, Acceleration/Deceleration
Inch/Metric Conversion
Least Increment, .001mm/.0001"
Machine Lock, all axes
Mirror Image
Stored Stroke Check
Stored Pitch Error Compensation
Cutting Feed Override, 0-200%
Handle Feed Function X,Y,Z,B Axes
Cutting Feedrate Clamp
Feed Per Minute
Jog Feed Override
Rapid Traverse Override, 0-100%
Dry Run
Buffer Register
Jog Feed
MDI Operation
Single Block
Block Skip Function
Interpolation Functions:

Circular Interpolation/Multi Quadrant, G02-G03
Dwell, G04
Exact Stop, G09
Linear Interpolation, G01
Helical Interpolation
Rapid Positioning, G00
Reference Point Return, G28
Reference Point Return Check, G27
Second Reference Point Return, G30
Skip Function, G31
Program Input:

Absolute/Incremental, G90/G91
Auto Coordinate System Setting
Workpiece Coordinate System, G52-G59, 48 Sets (2 AOC), 300 Sets (6 APC)
Canned Cycles for Drilling G73, G74, G76, G80-G89, G98, G99
Circular Inerpolation/Radius Design
Control In/Out
Programmable Mirror Image
Coordinate System Setting, G92
Label Skip
Manual Absolute On/Off
Max. Programmable Dimensions, 8 Digits
Optional Block Skip
Plane Selection, G17-G18, G19
Pocket Calculator Type Input
Program Number, 0-4 digit
Programmable Data Input, G10
Sequence Number, N5 digit
Sub Program Call, 4 Folds Nested
Spindle Functions:

Rigid Tapping Spindle Speed, 1 RPM Increments
Spindle Orientation Spindle Speed Override, 50-150%
Tool Function/Compensation:

Cutter Compensation C,G40 ,G41, G42
Tool Length Compensation G43, G44, G49
Tool Length Measurement, Auto Type
Tool Offset Memory, 6 Digits, 99 Pairs
Editing Functions:

Background Editing
Number of Programs, 99
Part Programming Editing
Part Program Storage Length, 320 Meters Memory Storage
Program Protect
Input/Output Interface, RS232C
Program Number Search
Sequence Number Search
Global Search/Edit
CRT Display:

Actual Cutting Feedrate Display
Alarm Display
Alarm History
Servo Tuning Capabilities, Oscilloscope Type
Clock Function
Current Position Display
Help Function
Parameter & Settings Display
Program Display, (program name 31 characters)
Run Hour & Parts Counter
Self Diagnostic Function
Status Display

Manual Pulse Generator (1 unit X,Y,Z,B)
Single Direction Positioning
Polar Coordinate Commands
Coordinate System Rotation
Auto Corner Override
Tool Life Management
Standard Options to Include:

12,000 RPM Spindle
35 Horsepower CT 40 Big Plus Spindle
2 Pallet APC (500 mm Pallets)
64 Tool Magazine
B Axis Full Rotary
Through Spindle Coolant
Lift Up Type Chip Conveyor
Memory 1280 Meters
2,362 IPM Rapid Traverse

***The Above Specifications are deemed accurate & are subject to verification