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MARKING MACHINES (Including Laser Markers)

No. C50-200 Spectrum Tech, 2002

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General Specifications

Model: C50-200
Manufacturer: Spectrum
Stock #: 6994
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Dealer Information
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Scott Machinery & Supply Inc
PO Box 430
Helena, AL 35080-0430
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Contact: Josh Taylor
Tel: 205-664-9644
Fax: 205-664-9796
Gold Level Dealer Since 1990

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Detailed Product Description

SPECTRUM TECH C50-200 2002, Our stock number: 6994

Laser Maker:

Ultra Violet Laser
Custom desighn bean delivery system
Precison character mask system
Class 1 laser product to use on open shop floor

Print Specifications:
Up to 100 characters per identification mark as standard
Full alpha-numeric charaacter set A-Z (upper case), 0-9 plus extra

characters(50 in total)
Two print sizes as standards:
Small: 0.96mm x 0.72mm( 0.038 x 0.028 inch.)
Large: 1.6mm x 1.2mm(0.063x 0.047 inch)
Horizontal and Vertical format for both print sizes
Mark spacing from 10mm to 1000mm (0.394 to 39 inch)
Inter character spacing ranges from 2mm to 5mm ( 0.08 to 0.20 inch)
Ergonomic'Sprectrum Univers' font

Wire Processing Specification:
Wire marking speed: up to 8m/min(26.5ft/min)
Wire size range: 0.75mm to 6.35mm OD (26ga-6ga), single core wire or multi

core cable,, pneumatic cutter required for wires larger than 10 awg or cables

larger than 4mm(0.16inch) OD.
Min/Max cable length: 150mm(6inch)/250 m (10,000 inch)- nominal .
Kapton wires: dispersion coateed Teflon(PTFE), ETFE smd FEP or Teflon wires:

Teflon(PTFE) Tefzel (ETFE XLETFE) e.g. BMS 13-48, M22759/32 etc., or FEP

Wire Handling:
Unpowered vertical dereeler
Powered coling pan
Option of pneumatic or electrical cutter module

Raychem TMS sleeve marker:
Optional Raychem TMS sleeve printer used gor entering wire lists and pringting

information on heat shrinkable sleeves. With the Zebra sleeve printing system

and Raychem WINTOTAL software installed on the CAPRIS 50 control computer,

this arranggment allows for an all inclusive, stand alone wire and sleeve

printing facility.

System contolled via integral pc
Simple menu driven Windows based control software
High speed Ethernet networking as standard
Wire maunufacturing data files download from customer's host, with completed

wire data load
Aleternative data entry via floppy disk, manual entry or serial RS232, USB
Minimum cable wastage through cale cable management software
Automatic fault monitoring and diagnostic system
Optional touch screen operation

Full warranty covering labour and materials
Maintenance contracts available

Site requirements:
230V,208V,&110V 50Hz/60Hz Ac (single phase) Power supply rating

(rms)3KVA(N.B.A low impedance supply is required.)
Typical power consumption 2KW
Compressed air 100 psi (6.5 bar), (pneumatic cutter module only)