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Gardner #4V36TR, double disc vertical w/dual grinding heads, single pass, s/n #812-1, 1998

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Gardner
Model: 4V36TR
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Dealer Information
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Campbell-Sorensen Co Inc
2450 Hickory Glen Dr
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2204

Contact: Harry Sorensen
Tel: 248-892-5233
Gold Level Dealer Since 1975

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Detailed Product Description

Category: Double Disk Grinder

Gardner Vertical Double Disk Four Head Surface Grinding Production Center
Single Pass Surface Grinder Model 4V36TR Serial Number 812-1
Four Grinding Spindles
Two pair of Vertical Spindles
8 foot Diameter Chuck
Auto Loading Feed

This machine is a business within itself and a real money maker for it's next owner
It has auto load into fixtures and unload
The part depends on the fixture for either bigger or small
The last job run on this machine was gasoline engine valve springs 7/8" in diameter and length of 1 7/8".
The part passes into the rough grinding spindles which are 36" in diameter
Twenty-five horsepower each x 4 spindles
From there is goes to gauging to finish grinding spindles 36" in diameter where it is ground to size.
This is a super high production machine
The operator reported he could do 4,000 parts in an hour
It comes with prints, electrical, assembly, electrical plan
It was taken right from service and should go right back to service for you
Tooling up should be very easy
Two Pair Opposing Vertical Spindles, 8' Ring, Loading Feed

We are going to sell this machine for $22,000. F.O.B. Detroit and load it for free.

The dimensions are approximate, 8' front to back, 10' wide and 11' tall. It has twenty-five HP spindles, 3 phase
Approximate weight 31,000 Lbs. Immediate delivery

This is a million dollars today new. Contact me if you need further
details. It was rebuilt about two years ago.

Inspections welcome. Call for an appointment and we will meet to see the machine between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Photos available upon request.