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18" W x 6" H x 96" L, CI Hayes, mesh belt brazing furnace, 2100°F, electric, #U-3529

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General Specifications

Width: 18.0"
Height: 6.0"
Length: 96.0"
Manufacturer: C.i.hayes
Degrees: 2100°F
Stock #: U-3529
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

Manufacturer: C.I. Hayes
Type: 18″ Wide Mesh Belt Electric Brazing Furnace
Serial Number: 16687
Power Required: 460 Volt, 3-Phase, 60 Hz
Max Temperature: 2100 °F
Zones: 3 Zones of Control
Total Heat Input: 135 kW, 170 Amp

Work Dimensions:
18″ wide x 6″ high x 3′ Preheat & 8′ Heating Section
18″ wide x 6″ high x 12" Pre-Cool Transition
24′-0″ Long Water Jacketed Cooling Section

Instruments: The required controls and power regulation components are mounted within a free standing control panel and consist of, but is not limited to the following:
Three (3) Honeywell UDC-3000 Controllers
One (1) Honeywell UDC-3000 Over-Temp. Instruments

General: This is a standard design with an 18″ wide 314 Stainless Steel woven mesh belt, driven by a solid state variable speed drive package, designed for a belt speed between 1″ to 20″ per minute.

The furnace has a 7′ long combination-loading table and drive enclosure (30″) of exposed belt, 3′ long vestibule, a 12″ front throat, 8′ of heating, a 12″ rear throat, 24′ of water-jacketed cooling sections, and a 36″ unload table.

The furnace heating chamber walls and roof are lined with lightweight, energy efficient ceramic fiber blanket insulation.

The furnace floor is lined with insulating firebrick, with refractory piers to support guide edge hearth plates and the furnace belt.

Heating is provided by silicon carbide heating elements, which are mounted above and below the hearth for an even heat distribution.

The power to the heating elements are supplied by tap style transformers and zero firer SCR′s.

The water-jacketed cooling sections are a sealed style cooler design and utilize Sterlco automatic control valves for temperature control.