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Siemens VAI Clecim, combined tempering & tension leveling line, 1300mm

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Siemens
Stock #: 111721
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Detailed Product Description

Material: cold rolled strip, annealed cold rolled strip and hot deep

galvanized strip
Manufacturer: Siemens VAI Clecim
Year: 1989

Strip width: 600 - 1300 mm
Strip thickness: 0.2 - 1.5 mm
Material Yield Point: 200 - 500 N/mm2
Material Tension Strength: 300 - 700 N/mm2
Leveler Tensionmax.: 15,000 daN
Strip elongation (two high D-Mill): max. 5%
Strip elongation (tension leveler): max. 2%
Four High Temper Mill
Hydraulic pressure: max. 1.000 t

Note: This line is constructed for continuous strip tempering and leveling.

These two basic line units
may be used together or separately, depending on the characteristics of

material needed.
Included is the perpendicular cutting and strip edge slitting as well as the

electro-static strip oiling.

Major components:

Siemens VAI Clecim Hydraulic Entry Coil Car
Siemens VAI Clecim Payoff

The payoff includes
-Rolls for strip holding (under pressure)
-Unit for automatic control
-Lubrication pump
-Electro motor for pumps
-Drive electro motor
-Electro motor with filter
-Pressure rolls hydro motor
-Tacho generator

Siemens VAI Clecim Threading desk (with threading rolls)
Siemens VAI Clecim Exit leveler (with perpendicular shear)
Siemens VAI Clecim Threading Strip Unit
Siemens VAI Clecim Welder (with Hydraulic Unit)
Siemens VAI Clecim Strip Edge Slitter (with Scrap Transporters)
Siemens VAI Clecim Strip pull-through Unit
Siemens VAI Clecim Threaded `S' rolls
Siemens VAI Clecim Four High Temper Mill
- Leveler with support desk
- Drive motor - 545/480 Kw
- Tension leveler
- Leveler reducer
Siemens VAI Clecim Tension Leveler RollS(2nd-5th), 2 reducers, 3 driven rolls

STT Peabody Electro Static Strip Oiler
Siemens VAI Clecim Exit Perpendicular Shear
Siemens VAI Clecim Exit Winder (with auxiliary equipment), includes

holding belt, exit coil car and exit automatic control unit
Siemens VAI Clecim Reducer Lubrication Unit
Siemens VAI Clecim Line Tension Leveling Hydraulic Unit, includes:
-2 hydraulic unit electro motors
-Pneumatic equipment
-Coil saddle
-Hydraulic unit pump
-Mechanical motor connection
-Control and adjusting equipment
-Entry hydraulic unit with electro motor and pump
-Electro cupboard and cables