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Hull #96-F-75, freeze dryer, 98 sq.ft., Sanitary Stainless/Heresite, complete w/chiller

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Hull
Model: 96F75
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Dealer Information
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H & P Equipment Co Inc
PO Box 839
Montville, NJ 07045-0839

Contact: James Siegel
Tel: 973-335-9770
Fax: 973-335-5333
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Detailed Product Description

96 sq. ft. Hull Model 96-F-75 Freeze Dryer,Sanitary, Heresite lined chamber, (17) 2' x 3' stainless steel jacketed shelves with 2" spacing rated for -50 C to   75 C, (16) usable, Side and Rear Tray Guides, 75 liter ice capacity, (4) internal stainless steel condensing panels rated -70 C, all stainless steel surfaces have #4 polish, sterilizable, complete with 20 Hp. Chiller for shelves and 30 Hp. Chiller for condensor,Chillers use Type R-507 Refrigerant, Silicone Oil was used for heat transfer fluid, Welch Model 1398 vacuum pump, rated 53 CFM, with circulating pump and controls, system is mounted on 2 skids, with manuals, Built 1995. (Prior Service.- Pharmaceutical)