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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, CNC (Including Vertical Turning Center Lathes- VTL)

63" D-F #CK5116M CNC, single column vertical turret lathe, C-Axis, ATC

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General Specifications

Turning Dia.: 63.0"
Manufacturer: D-f
Model: CK5116M
Stock #:
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Dealer Information

Esco Machine & Supply
PO Box 17411
Sugar Land, TX 77496-7411

Contact: R.G. Escandon
Tel: 281-277-3726
Fax: 281-277-2891

Gold Level Dealer Since 1991

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Detailed Product Description

New 1.6m (63”) D-F CNC Model CK5116M Single Column Vertical Turret Lathe with “C” axis and ATC

Delivery time in USA, Canada or Europe: 3 months

Technical Configuration
1, Features
1.1 This series machine is suitable for finely and roughly turning cylinder and inner hole, inner and outer taper, surfacing, curving of the ferrous, grooving, drilling, threading and grinding, nonferrous metal and some kinds of non-metal materials with carbide and porcelain tools.
1.2 The maximum speed can be 2000m/min when in high-speed turning. When the head is in high-speed movement, head in horizontal direction, and vertical rapid movement speed can be 12m/min.
1.3 The main drive adopts AC spindle servomotor within two steps (ZF gearbox, Germany). The high-speed rotating workpiece are balanced in static or dynamic pattern. Transmission gears with 5 grade precision are specially grounded to implement high efficient transmission, lower noise and smooth running in high speed turning.
1.4 .Feed system is driven by AC servomotor which is connected with ballscrew by flexible couple to implement clearance-free transmission and high precision turning.
1.5 The columns, whose thermal symmetric construction, is calculated by finite element method, stand on table base. Effective vibration-insulated method is adopted to ensure high rigidity and strong anti-vibration ability.
1.6 The table is thermal-symmetric construction. The spindle is centered by high-precision double-row short cylindrical roller bearing whose radial clearance can be adjusted. With large high-precision thrust ball bearing on axial direction as rolling guideway, and oil temperature cooling device, the table has high swiveling precision, larger load ability and smaller deformation.
1.7 .Linear dual-direction roller guideway is applied to ensure high effective transmission and good precision reliability in heads and ram feed movement.
1.8 CNC system is SEMENS or FANUC system, and other CNC system is also can be provided on customer’s special requirements.
1.9 Chip conveyer and half-closed guide are also equipped by costumers' requirement.
1.10 On customers' requirement, the followings can be supplied tool magazine, tool setting device, boring & milling, table indexing and feed, grounding cooling device and whole-loop control, etc.

CNC Control
CK5116M is CNC single columns vertical turning & milling machine, the CNC system adopts Siemens 840D and 611 driver unit (with 2 years international Siemens service).

Machine has one CNC square ram which installs with high speed and precision spindle. Spindle speed and output torque could reach to 2000rpm and 600 Nm, could ensure
perfect final and heavy cutting.
Siemens 840D control & 611 driver unit
The customer also can choose right angle head, grinding head, tool setting device, etc.

Worktable bearing, ball screw and tool magazine
To guarantee worktable low running noise and high accuracy, NSK double row cylindrical roller bearing which the inner circle has the taper used to adjust the clearance on radial, is used for the machine. Worktable speed could be regulated from 3.15-315 rpm.
High precision HIWIN ball screws are used in tool support and cross rail, ensure the tool
support 12 m/min rapid moving speed and high precision feeding.
Max. 10 set cutting tools or 20 set milling
tools could be mounted on the tool
magazine, that giving customer more
convenience and efficiency during
complex and multistage process
machining. T.
C axis
The turning speed of worktable, which
adopts Siemens 1PH7167 AC28KW

spindle motor and ZF two range speed
gear box, could be changed in the range
from 3.15 to 315 r/min.
During indexing and milling method, the
worktable driven by Siemens 7KW servo
motor. Worktable running speed is 0.0032
-3.2 rpm.
The spindle is driven by Siemens motor 1PH7-7167-16KW to realize enough machining torque and high speed max. 2000rpm. Big output power of milling head,
high speed & big output torque spindle
793Nm (S3), could meet most of requirement of heavy cutting and hard material.
Coolant through spindle is possible, and Various special tools and head is more easy for multiple machining.
Machine Body
The big casting of this lathe is made by resin casting which has been treated by oscillation long aging times in order to avoid the inner stress. The smaller casting has been treated by high temperatures. All the steel parts are thermal refining. Guideway of cross rail made by roll and slide complex way, and treated by spreadable quench. The ram of vertical toolpost has made by spherical graphite cast iron. The slide parts on guideway are Turcit style which could insure the precision and maintain cycle much longer. Also the automatic centralized lubrication is used on the cross rail and slide parts.
Control panel station & electric parts
Independent electrical cabinet designs for the
machine. Heat exchanger mounts on the cabinet,
to make good ventilation and heat elimination.
All electrical parts which in the cabinet adopts
Siemens or Schneider with CE mark.

MECANO Germany (Standard) Control panel station

2, Machine Specifications
ITEM      Unit      CK5160M
Worktable Worktable diameter.      mm      1400
      Max. swing diameter      mm      1800
      Max. cutting diameter      mm      1600
      Max. workpiece height      mm      1600
      Max. worktable load      kg      8000
      Max. output torque of worktable      N.m      12500
      Worktable speed      turning      rpm      3.15-315
            Indexing & milling      rpm      0.0032-3.2
Travel      Travel of X axis      mm      1200
      Travel of Z axis      mm      950
      Vertical travel of cross rail in       mm      1200
      Cross rail positioning step & distance      step/mm      13/100
      Rapid travel speed of X axis      mm/min      12000
      Rapid travel speed of Z axis      mm/min      12000
      Feed speed of X/Z axis      mm/rev      0.01-50
Tool magazine      Tool capacity      set      20 (milling tool) or 10 (turning tool)
      Tool shank             BT50
      Max. tool weight      kg      20
      Total tool weight of tool magazine      kg      360
      ATC tool changing time      sec      30
Milling head      Milling head speed      rpm      1-2000
      Max. output torque      N.m      600
Motor      Worktable motor ( 30 min.)      Kw      AC28
      Milling head motor      Kw      16
      Servo motor of X axis      Kw      7
      Servo motor of Z axis      Kw      7
      Servo motor of C axis      Kw      7
      Lifting motor of cross rail      Kw      5.5
      Hydraulic motor      Kw      2.2
      Chip conveyor motor      Kw      0.2
      Water pump motor      Kw      0.5 or 1.1
Machine overall      Coolant tank      L      700
      Machine size (LXWXH)      meter      5.2x4x4.9
      Machine weight      kg      27000
      Machine total power      KVA      80

3, Machine packing list
No.      Item      Quantity
1      column      1 piece
2      Gear box      1 piece
3      Worktable      1 piece
4      Feed box      1 piece
5      Cross rail      1 piece
6      tool support      1 piece
7      Cross rail raising up/down device      1 piece
8      Hydraulic system      1 piece
9      Main motor      1 piece
10      servo motors      4 pieces
11      Tool magazine      1 set
12      Chip conveyor and coolant tank      1 set
13      half closed machine guard      
14      Siemens 840D controller & 611 driver unit      1 set
15      Controlling plate      1 piece
16      Documents in English       

4, Standard Accessories
No.      Item      Quantity
1      CNC Control system two years global guarantee      Siemens 840D
2      Axis drive motor ( X/Z axes )      Siemens servo motor
3      Fagor linear scale-closed loop      Fagor
3      Electrical parts of cabinet      Siemens or Telemecanique
4      Gearbox and planetary reduction gear box      Taiwan
5      Bearings under worktable      NSK-Japan
6      Bearings on ballscrew       NSK-Japan
7      Bearings in gearbox      NSK-Japan
8      Ballscrew-cross rail & ram      Hiwin-Taiwan
9      Automatic lubrication system      BIJUR DELIMON
10      Control panel station      MECANO- Germany
11      Air condition for electric cabinet       Leibo
12      Casting iron      From the same foundry of DOOSAN Machinery
13      Chip conveyor & coolant tank      Yantai-China
14      Half closed machine guard      Guangyang-China

5, Option accessories
Item      Price in USD
Installing cost ( two engineers 6 working days and 4 days for operating and training )      Free for IMTS
6, Warranty and after sale service
1, Warranty period: one year after final installation, during the warranty period, all the daily damage parts will be provided freely by the manufactory. Full Service Warranty for (1) year to be quoted on request.
2, Out of warranty period, the factory will supply the support for the whole life of the machine, including technical advice, spare parts, labor, after sales service, and so on, and the factory will just take the expense at cost.

CK5116M which showed in IMTS. Delivery time will be 3 months for we need to send back to China and send back.