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Acra #LCV-2414 Mini Mill Machining Center With Fagor 8055i Controller, 24" X, 14" Y, 18.1" Z, 10000 RPM, Cat 40, 16 atc, new, #15493

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Acra
Model: LCV-2414
Automatic Tool Changer: 16ATC
Longitudinal" X: 24.0" X
Cross" Y: 14.0" Y
Vertical" Z: 18.1" Z
RPM: 10000
Stock #: 15493
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Dealer Information

Blumberg Machinery Co
2101 Waukegan Rd, Ste.305
Bannockburn, IL 60015-1836
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Contact: Jerry/ Ryan
Tel: 847-580-6800
Fax: 847-580-6801
Cell: 847-962-6557
Gold Level Dealer Since 1971

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Detailed Product Description


• Hardened and Ground Box Ways
All guide ways are induction hardened then precision ground.
• Meehanite Cast Iron
Meehanite cast iron is used on all structural components. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to optimize the structure for rigidity.
• No Table Overhang
A wide saddle fully supports the worktable throughout the travel.
• Base Casting
The base is a rigid one piece casting. Heavy internal ribs are used to achieve maximum stiffness.
• Precision Hand Scraping
All mating surfaces are precision hand scraped to increase the flatness and improve geometric accuracy (straightness and Squareness) of the whole assembly Scraping the base casting where the column mounts is shown.
• Turcite B
Turcite B is bonded to all sliding surfaces. Oil grooves are machined and then it’s hand scraped to produce an excellent bearing surface. Note that even the mounting surfaces for the ball screw nut are hand scraped. This assures that it is square to the ball screw and guide ways.
• Ball Screws
Each axis is driven by a high precision double-nut ball screw that is centered between the guide ways. The ball screws are pretension and anchored at both ends with angular contact thrust bearings. Double-anchored and double-nut ball screws greatly increase machining rigidity and allows for much heavier cuts. Ball screws using single nuts or ones that are not pretension and anchored at both ends will have much greater play and backlash which can lead to problems with chatter and accuracy.
• Separate Roll Out Coolant Tank
A large separate roll out coolant tank is used to prevent heat in the coolant from transferring to the machine base casting. 42 gallon capacity Coolant tank with standard chip bin is shown
• Chip Coolant Flush System
To keep chips from building up inside the machine enclosure, coolant is pumped from the sides (inside the enclosure) to flush chips down to the chip conveyor or chip basket.
• Large Side Doors
Both sides of the machine enclosure have large removable doors. Long workpiece can be loaded through the sides. The door openings are large enough to allow full “Y” axis travel with long workpiece extending through the sides
• Air Reservoir Tank
An air reservoir tank with alarm is used to stabilize the incoming air pressure and volume.
• Automatic Lubrication System
Automatic lubrication with alarm is provided to all ways and ball screws. Lubrication oil is delivered by metered piston distributors to precisely control the volume of oil.
Fagor 8055i Controller
Work Capacity
     X axis travel:                             24″
     Y axis travel:                             14″
     Z axis travel:                             18.1″
Spindle nose to table:                   2.8 -20.9″
Spindle center to column:            16.3″
Table area:                                     27.6 X 13.78″
Floor to table:                                32.9″
Max workpiece weight:                  770 lbs.
T-Slots (Number x width x pitch):  5 x 0.6 x 2.5
Spindle taper:                                 CAT-40 (BT-40 Opt)
Spindle speed :                              10,000 rpm (8,000 rpm Opt)
Spindle motor (const. / 15 min):    10 / 15 hp
Spindle torque (15 minute rating): 45@1,500 rpm ft./lbs.
Transmission:                                  Belt
ATC Type:                                        Armless
Tool Capacity:                                 16
Max Tool Diameter:                        3.7″
Without adjustment tool:               5.9″
Max. tool length:                            11.8″
Max tool weight:                            15.4 lbs.
Tool change time (tool to tool):      2 sec
Tool change time (chip to chip):     8.1 sec
Method of tool selection:               Address code
Rapid traverse:                                X/Y; 787″ ipm / Z; 709″ ipm
Cutting feed rate:                            0.04-393.7″ ipm
Transmission:                                   Direct Drive
Ball screw diameter / pitch:             1.3″ / 0.4
Max. thrust: X/Y;                              3,390 lbs. / Z; 7,167 lbs.
Positioning accuracy*:                     ± 0.0002″
Repeatability accuracy*:                  ± 0.0001″
Coolant tank capacity                     42 Gal
Coolant Flow                                   40 Gal/Min
Electrical                                          220V/60 Hz: 3 Phase /15 KVA
Air:                                                   5 CFM @ 100 psi
Weight                                             6000 lbs
Dimensions                                      82 × 91 in

• CNC Controller
Fagor 8055i with 8”.4 color LCD Remote jog handle (MPG)
PCMCIA memory card slot RS232 port
4 spare M codes
• Spindle
CAT- 40 Taper
10,000 RPM 15 HP
• Automatic Tool Changer
16 Station Armless for LCM-2414
• Coolant System
42 gallon roll out tank Flood coolant system
Base coolant flush system (internal chip wash)
• Machine Construction
All Meehanite cast iron components Precision hand scraping on all structural components
Full metal enclosure with removable side doors Full metal way covers
• Hardened & Ground Box Ways on all axes
• Double Anchored, Pretension, Double Nut Ball Screw
• Rigid Tapping
• Auto-lubrication system with Alarm
• Halogen Work Lamp
• Air Reservoir Tank Alarm
• 3 Tier Status Light
• Tool Kit
• Spindle Chiller.
• Chip Conveyor.
• Leveling bolts and pads
• Fagor control and operators manuals
• Warranty
Machine One Year Parts and Labor Fanuc control and Motors Two years parts and labor.